Anti-Immigrant? Si, señor.

As a conservative, one of my pet peeves is when someone on the left side of the political spectrum implies that, as a conservative, Im also a racist. Because, you know, all of us conservatives are racists.

Nothing could be further from the truth, of course. But it is commentary like the one in this post by Michele Malkin that really makes it difficult to argue that we conservatives are not, in fact, all racists.

One word in the title of the post says it all really:

Open Borders Mania Hits Close to Home

(emph. mine)

A 37 year old man – an illegal alien for El Salvador – raped a 13 year old teenager. A heinous crime and one that I truly hope the man pays for dearly.

It’s not that I dont agree with Malkin on certain immigration issues. What bothers me is the spin. The implication. “All illegals are just pure evil.” That’s basically what she is saying when she states, rather glibly, “Just raping the women and girls no one else will rape, right?”

What about all the other thousands upon thousands of rapists that are American citizens? Born and raised with hotdawgs, baseball and apple pie?

Nice way to cherry pick an argument.

I dont condone the entry to this country illegally – by anyone – be they Cuban, Salvadoran, Filipino, Chinese, Mexican, etc… etc… But to take this isolated incident to prove a point that doesnt need proof is careless and foments the argument that we conservatives are in fact racists.

Not every illegal alien is the devil, Mrs. Malkin. You do your cause – and mine – no favors with such alarmist commentary.

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  1. I’m pulled both ways on the illegal immigration issue. My own experience – signing papers to get my godfather Silvester in on the amnesty of the eighties, then watching all three of his sons grow up to wear the uniforms of American armed services and go to Iraq in the current war – leave me with no particular ground to stand on as an immigration hawk. Even more than that, Silvester came to America dirt-poor and now he and his sons all own houses; he’s done better by himself and his kids than a great many of us who affect to having ancestors come in on the Mayflower. Indeed, the guy should shame a lot of us. I see him as proven the validity of the American dream even though technically he’s a resident alien Mexican national.

    I accept the right of a sovereign nation to open or close its borders as it sees fit, even to the point of refusing peole in ways that seem cruel or arbitrary. But none of this requires seeing the folks trying to escape into this country as somehow monstruous. Many people come here chasing dreams like “I always want my kids to have new shoes” or “I want to make some money so I can afford to marry my fiancee back home” or other stuff we’ve learned, under the corrupting glare of our affluence, to take for granted.

    I don’t read Malkin as hating illegals or hating immigrants, but that may be because I see things through the lens of having come from a family that had people in America as far back as the 1650s. The basic narrative of having had ancestors flee from Ireland and France so that the local idiot ruling classes would be spared the work involved in killing them isn’t something I’ve forgotten, but it’s distant and abstract when it didn’t happen in my grandparents’ generation or in their grandparents’ generation.

  2. In Malkin’s defense, I think that pointing out incidents like this help to tame the inflated romantic notion that all illegal immigrants are just downtrodden, virtuous, hard working folks just looking for a better life for themselves and their families.

  3. He’s apparently not alone Val, remember that guy, your buddy from the Lott camp. And in my personal life, all the hard core conservatives I know, are extremely racist, they don’t even bother to deny it, they acknowledge the fact that they think white people are better than the rest. I know people I know don’t make up a majority or anything like that, But it dose make you wonder why they all like to huddle together in churches and the republican party?
    There must be some connection.

  4. Val,
    I live in Cochise County, Arizona and I can tell you that more than once a month someone crossing this part of the border illegally turns out to be a felon. This is a big problem.
    I’m not against immigration at all, my grandparents came here from Ireland and Czechoslovakia (thank God). But, we need to control who is coming and who gets to stay.
    As someone who lives about 4 miles from the Mexican border, I can tell you we’re in deep trouble. My fear is we’re not going to take it seriously until another 9/11 happens. Think about it on your trip to NYC.

  5. Typically, the people who can’t make it where they come from are the ones who come here. Maybe they are bright people and live in dumb countries, and maybe they are hoods who can’t stay out of jail. They are misfits of every kind and some of them are exceptionally good and others are exceptionally bad. We can’t all be instant Swedes.

    Hernando de Soto had the most wisdom about this problem, and with it, pointed to the nearest solution: There is no stopping the movement of peoples, ever, in any history, on any continent. It has never happened. Best thing to do is accomodate and assimilate the migrants as best as we possibly can. Don’t leave them on the outside if it can be possibly helped. American history is a long string of successes based on this accomodation of the people. At least George Bush understands this.

  6. Haha. Patrick – I know we’ve been down this road before – but just what notion do you have of illegal immigrants? I mean, according to you “the inflated romantic notion that all illegal immigrants are just downtrodden, virtuous, hard working folks just looking for a better life for themselves and their families” is out. So, what’s left? I mean, what’s the truth, the deflated truth that is?

  7. All I want is for people to have some balance, for crying out loud. Opposing illegal immigration does not make a person a racist.

    Not all people who immigrate to the US illegally fit the image of the poor downtrodden, hardworking imigrant that people cling to. Immigration reform is needed and it will not happen until people let go of this romantic notion. Realism is needed if we are going to deal with the problems we face with illegal immigration. Amnesty is not the answer.

    Illegal immigration is ILLEGAL. There is a process by which people can enter the US legally. Those who subvert this process are breaking the law.

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