Dog Update

Yesterday morning started out a little hectic with the dog is gone adventure. I mentioned that he was found in the parking lot of a Sherwin Williams near my home but didnt give you the complete story.

Apparently, Babalu had sneaked out the the house sometime during the night – through the gate that was left open. OPEN! – and had taken a little Huck Finn type journey. He probably walked along the canal near the house, crossed a bridge to get to the other side and continued his little trek along Sunset Drive – one of Kendall’s busiest streets – until he, I guess, got tired.

Early yesterday morning one of the Sherwin Williams employees arrived at the store and found him sleeping out back, against their rear door that faces the canal. Babalu, being the gregarious dog that he is, apparently was so friendly with the guy that he fell in love with the dog.

The rest of the employees showed up and they found a rope and leashed him in the back inside their warehouse. They went to a supermarket next door and bought him a doggy bowl and some food and then called the number on his tag. They got a hold of the vet and his office gave them our number and address.

As I was frantically calling from the office yesterday about the dog, they were calling home also. They told the Mrs. that they had our dog! She was hysterical at this point, as you can imagine with having her husband completely go off the deep end the way he did, and just lost it.

When she went to pick him up at Sherwin Williams, she offered them $100 reward for being so kind to the dog and to us. They wouldn’t accept the money. She kept insisting and they kept refusing.

So, the Mrs. went to a Cuban bakery a few doors down and bought them a couple of boxes of assorted pastelitos – cuban pastries – and croquetas and empanadas and cafe con leches. Which, of course, they promptly accepted. No one can refuse Cuban pastries.

We see and hear and read a lot of bad news on the evil nature of man, but every once in a while you come across people who perform a simple gesture of kindness out of the goodness of their hearts. Like those guys at the Sherwin Williams store. They saved my dog’s life, and with it, sparkled like what they meant to me and my wife in those dire hours yesterday morning: one of life’s little gems.

4 thoughts on “Dog Update”

  1. I’m glad you got your babalu back. I can’t imagine what I would do if I discovered that the Princess was missing….. Cuban pastries ARE irresistable. Good thing I live up here…

  2. Has it occured to you that just maybe Babalu was waiting for the Cuban Bakery to open? And he was going to use his most charming behaviour to score some pastries which he fully intended to fetch home to his beloved master?

    That dog isn’t as dumb as the cat would have you believe.

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