The Big Four-O

It’s in the teens here in Manhattan. Supposedly there’s a big Noreaster heading our way. twelve to 18 inches of snow expected. Im having a freaken great time here on my birthday.

The city looks so diferent from what I remember it to be the last time I came.

Right now Im sitting at an Internet Cafe somewhere in the Village. It’s snowing big time outside.

Got lots of stories to tell when I get back. Even the encounter with the owner of a tshirt place selling Castro tshirts.

Anyway, Happy fortieth to me and thanks to all of you that came by and wished me Felicidades.

It’s time for booze.

13 thoughts on “The Big Four-O”

  1. Herman: I wish I were there with you because NY is home, but my doctor won’t even let me drive until next week. (Go to my blog to see why). My 50th is in a couple of weeks, and we could have celebrated two milestones. Anyway, happy birthday, enjoy New York and holler when you get back.

  2. Hey I think I know where that Internet cafe is! There’s only one in the Village! I like that place – it’s all dark and blue, and it’s got an old Vietnamese guy at the counter – very hip!

    I used to go to that cafe for the express purpose of signing on to Mapquest to locate particular Village bars in order to meet my buddies. Otherwise I couldn’t find them in the Village’s twisting streets. At least that is what I used it for.

    Glad you’ve checked in Val, from some place I think I know! And are enjoying the best part of New York on a day like that!

  3. My Cuban step-grandmother used to say “There are only two kinds of people in this worl’, boy: jung pungs and ol’ far’s.”

    Welcome to “ol’ far'” territory.

    By the way, you are in perfect “skitching” season in NYC. Just watch out for the manhole covers.

    (skitching: grab a cab by the back bumper and let it pull you all over Manhattan–Steve and I perfected the technique. Manhole covers are dangerous because, heated from below, they are the only point of traction on the street.)

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