Slowly Getting in the Groove

I will be going nuts the rest of the day putting out fires at the office and generally trying to get back into life’s groove. Bear with me folks, New York stories coming up as soon as I can get my head above the I’ve been gone for four days and all hell is breaking loose at the office and I have tons of news to get into and loads of emails to read and answer and a lot of great posts and commentary to read and catch up on water.

I want to thank my niece Amanda for, well, being the coolest niece any uncle could ever ask for and for keeping an eye out here at Babalu, and also a great big thanks to A. M. Mora y Leon for such great articles posted in my stead.

You rock, guys!!!

3 thoughts on “Slowly Getting in the Groove”

  1. Thank you Val for the great opportunity, always a pleasure, and darling Amanda for keeping the postings lively!

    Val, I have one more item I’ve been working on to post (too much troll crap going on over at the Venezuelan blogs this morning, so my writing morning was interrupted by efforts to slash out the trash there) so if ok by you, I’ll post the new essay in short form and polish it up during the day, between other editings.

  2. I was browsing in Myspace for a Cuban Community when I came upon this:

    I joined the group just to get through to this so-called “Cuban American” and I’m telling you, “Boy are there alot of ignorant people out there.”

    Lol Im the dude with an Anarchist icon, but I put that up for a reason. “I’m A Cuban Anarchist”
    I actually want to see a revolution but not in the manner the was conducted by el come mierda, Castro, and certainly I wouldn’t praise Guevara either. Post something about it in the blog is you want. Maybe we could change his peanut mind.

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