10 thoughts on “I went to NYC…”

  1. Breathing recrculating air with 200 people for a few hours is a terrific test of your immune responses.

    Hacking and sneezing along with you.

    This too will pass.

  2. Thanks, LW. I’ve been sick with a cold/flu thing most of January, with the exception of the baby’s birthday. I hope it’s not a sign of how I’m going to spend the rest of the year!

  3. It’s the culture of “Just Say No” asserting itself, HogOnIceGuy. Some folks are just peer-pressure-resistant.


    The flu virus has a weak spot that I discovered twenty years ago. During the first

    ten minutes after it invades your body it is multiplying by the millions on the surface

    of your throat. If left undisturbed it will cross into your bloodstream and make you ill.

    The extermination of the flu virus is cheap and simple. During the first ten minutes

    of a sore throat you must gargle with hydrogen peroxide. Keep a small bottle of it at

    work, in your car, and of course in your home.

    To overcome the bad taste it leaves in your mouth use a good tasting mouthwash to

    rinse your mouth after you gargle.

    The virus will repeat the attack as long as you are in the contaminated environment.

    When the sore throat comes back simply gargle again.

    A few flu virus will make it into your body. They will be killed by your immune

    system and help that system respond to future infections.


    Ron Hard

  5. I just want to express that I felt terrible that Elian was captured to be sent back to Cuba. It was a ugly scene!

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