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  1. Hope that mr. val is feeling all better again. SAAAAAlud!

    Anyways, the picture above reminded me of a piece in the paper about the other set of troublemakers that uncle Jimmy C. enpowered when he was the big Kahuna in DC con sus estupideses! Fortunately, Mr. Reagan fixed it for a while until President Bubba came along later. Pobrecito, el libido lo tenia loco y no se fijo en esto. As the article below indicates, AY Dios mio, pero que no paran de J—er!

    Iran Tests Nuclear Trigger Mechanism
    By Kerstin Gehmlich
    PARIS (Reuters) – Iran has conducted successful experiments on a crucial
    triggering mechanism for a nuclear weapon, an exiled opposition group said on

    President Bush on Wednesday renewed his accusation that Iran was seeking to
    develop atomic weapons and called it the “world’s primary state sponsor of

    Tehran dismisses the accusations and says its atomic ambitions are limited to
    the peaceful generation of electricity.

    The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), which wants to oust Iran’s
    clerical rulers and has given accurate information on its nuclear sites in the
    past, said Iran was close to producing the ‘neutron initiators’ that spark the
    chain reaction in a bomb.

    “Tehran has already succeeded in using beryllium in conjunction with
    polonium-210 for large scale laboratory testing purposes, and it is getting very
    close to the point of industrial production,” Mohammad Mohaddessin of the NCRI
    told a news conference in Paris.

    Diplomats have already said there is evidence that Iran has bought small
    quantities of beryllium and tried to buy much more, and that the International
    Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) is examining this as part of a two-year
    investigation of Tehran’s nuclear program.

    Beryllium also has many innocent uses, but Mohaddessin said Iran had not only
    secured significant quantities but also tried to conceal its purchases from the

    “Tehran currently has enough beryllium to produce initiators for a dozen nuclear
    bombs,” he said.

    He said the laboratory tests had been conducted at the Lavizan II site close to
    Tehran by experts from the Malek-Ashtar Industrial university, which is run by
    the Defense Ministry.

    Germany, France and Britain, acting for the European Union, have been urging
    Iran to permanently scrap the uranium enrichment that could give it the
    potential to make nuclear explosives in return for political and economic

    Washington takes a harder line and wants Iran to be reported to the U.N.
    Security Council for possible sanctions.

    The NCRI is a coalition of exiled opposition groups. The State Department lists
    it and its armed wing, the People’s Mujahideen, as terrorist organizations.

  2. It?s amazing that the only time that the threat of Iran and it?s nuclear program is mentioned in Canal+ in Spain is when Pres. Bush mentions it or when Fox Network reports about it. The continuous anti USA propaganda that comes out of Canal+, a French network, is very worrisome, and even more so, the fact that it goes without any rebuttals from our side. Is anybody listening? The commentators, all of them quite unprofessional and obviously anti USA, have even gone as far as to refer to Iran as “the next one”, meaning the next target of USA Imperialism. But things are getting better in Canal+ programming. This week alone they have aired three programs promoting trips to Cuba in Viajar Channel and one Castro Biography in History Channel, three Cuban films and the promise of yet another Castro Biography tonight and all in one day. And then Spain professes to be the “Mother Country” to all Spanish speaking countries in the Americas and to feel great empathy for Cuban affairs and the plight of its exiled community. Actually, sex tourism and cheap socialism seem to take priority and world threats are not important. Just ask the victims and the families of the victims of March 11th in Madrid.

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