Against all odds

It takes some guts to be a journalist in Cuba:

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, February 15 (Guillermo Espinosa,APLO / – Independent Cuban journalist Juan Carlos Garcell says he recently recognized a State Security agent among some people who visited him claiming to come from the U. S. Interests Section in Havana.

Garcell said the officials asked him about the distribution of supposed moneys that they said Garcell received for political prisoners and other members of the opposition.

Just a few days ago, I myself was warned by a State Security official that I would soon be visited by officials from the U. S. Interests Section that were touring the island interviewing dissidents.

2 thoughts on “Against all odds”

  1. The Cuban government picks and chooses the employees who work in the US Interests Section.

    You don’t think the Cubans would have allowed Americans to choose their own people?

    Of course they are from state security, all of them in the building.

    I was recently in the Interests Section to pick up a few items in the Marines store. One of the Cubans in the office remembered me, from years ago. It’s his job to remember people, names, copy passports, take notes, ect.

    Hey Val—this Marielito wants to be your buddy, maybe the chef of ManCamp.

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