Bill, Janet, MSM: KISS MY ASS!

Remember Elian, right? Of course you do. His name is synonymous with Cuba and fidel and us crazy Cuban-American exile extremists.

I’m sure you all remember the Cuban-American community up in arms, as seen daily and nightly, over and over, on all the network news. Those crazy extremist Cubans!!! The boy belongs with his father!!!

And who could forget the pre-dawn raid? Machine gun totting feds tear gassing and busting into the home and usurping the boy at gunpoint. And that famous photo of little Elian in the hands of the fisherman that found him in a closet with a fed pointing his gun at him.But the boy!!! The boy belongs with his father!!!

Of course, we crazy extremist Cuban exiles knew the drill. While the rest of the country and the world is blissfully ignorant of the goings on in Cuba and the extremes to which fidel castro will go to remain in power and win any political propaganda battle, we crazy extremist Cuban exiles live in the damn fray. We live, eat and breathe news from Cuba. We know the system of repression because we have lived it and have family and friends that still live it.

Every single newscast reported that the father wanted the boy back. The contention of the Cuban exile community was that any father worth his salt would want what’s best for his son. The father was being forced to succumb to fidel’s will. No one believed us. It was the Cuban exile community against the world.

The world won. The boy lost.

Elian is back in Cuba now where he is always at the right hand of his master fidel castro. He is just another reminder of how fidel castro defeats an American President without any balls. A President more concerned with public opinion, ala JFK/Bay of Pigs, than what is morally right.

But the boy belongs with his father!!!! is all we kept hearing.

The father must be under duress!!! is all we kept saying.

We were 100% correct.

One of the most controversial issues (in the Elian case – Ed.) has received almost no follow-up investigative reporting by the press: namely, that the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) had a memo written before Elian was seized, indicating the INS was weighing political asylum for Elian days before the feds seized him.

The press refused to follow up on something that would have actually helped Elian and agreed in principle with the exile community?

But wait, there’s more:

Elian was returned to the Castro government and his father in Cuba. The father was depicted as a faithful communist who wanted Elian back with him. That line was accepted by the Clinton Administration. But the memo, authored by INS attorney Rebeca Sanchez-Roig, stated that Elian’s father may have made his “own attempts to depart Cuba,” and had made two phone calls “from a pay phone in Cuba” to let his family in Miami know that Elian was coming. In addition, the memo says that “the Cuban government installed what somebody described as a speaker phone” in the father’s home in Cuba so that Cuban government agents could coach him on what to say.

Just like we’ve been saying all along, a father only wants what’s best for his child.

The memo said if coercion could be shown against the father then the INS could accept the child for entry into the U.S. Then-INS chief Doris Meissner ordered Sanchez-Roig to destroy the memo. The raid followed within days.

So, Elian gets sent back to the hellhole, Clinton and Reno wash their hands of a politically unsavory situation by most assuredly ordering an underling to see to it that no evidence of anything contrary to their stance is forthcoming, and fidel pats himself on the back.

But, it’s not just Bill and Janet’s fault. There’s enough blame to go around. There’s one more finger to point:

This is not the first time that news about the memo has surfaced. Christopher Caldwell, senior editor for The Weekly Standard, wrote an article, “The Elian Cover-up” back in 2002, citing evidence that INS chief Doris Meissner knew that Elian’s father was acting under duress and didn’t want his child returned to communism.

Actually, the memo’s existence was known at the time that Elian was in the U.S. If its contents had been exposed then, the reporting would have had a significant impact. I was told about it by an individual in Ft. Lauderdale who said he could not “get anyone at the Miami Herald interested in covering this.” Sanchez-Roig didn’t speak to the press, but surely some intrepid reporting could’ve led to uncovering and publicizing the truth about the real wishes of Elian’s father. Elian could be living and prospering in freedom today if the press had done its job.

And there you have it, folks. The selfless, unbiased, stand-up-for-the-little-guy Mainstream Media refused to report the truth. Covering the story on the memo would have meant the MSM had to eat a buffet of crow after weeks of slanted and sloppy reporting on the actual wishes Elian’s father. Yet the mainstream media loves fidel castro – hell, they MADE him – and decided to not only not give us all the facts, but to ally themselves with castro and surpress the real story.

The proverbial tree fell in the words, while everyone was around, and no one made a peep about the sound.

(Thanks to Jeff Quinton of Backcountry Conservative for the eye opening heads up.)

14 thoughts on “Bill, Janet, MSM: KISS MY ASS!”

  1. As a mother – I remember screaming at the TV when I saw how they removed Elian from his relatives home. I was so angered that his mother died for him to be free and we – the protector of innocents – sent him right back. Now he is doomed to a lifetime (or part of it) as a toy of Fidel and his father is stuck there too. His mother was brave and gave her life for his freedom. I was outraged at our government’s treatment of that child. He should be free because his mother died to make it so. Maybe one day – he’ll be the president of Cuba and choose freedom for all Cuban people.

  2. When I first saw that photo on Easter Saturday morning, I was sure it was a photoshop. It was so bad it had to be made up. It wasn’t. Slowly, with horror, I learned of the clinton administration’s lowest hour.

  3. “no hay mal que por bien venga:”
    another cubanism..that like the animal dying one..makes you think…
    if it hadn’t been for Elian, florida would have gone to gore in 2000 and president gore would still be giving speaches insisting that the taliban stop harboring al queda at the UN while the terrorist die from laughing.
    Elian’s clinton impossed sentence to castro’s totalitarian concentration camp assured that millions would later be freed by the good guys.


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  6. I am lo que digo viene de esa perspectiva. We cubans love democracy and justice..mientras que nos convenga. When a minor looses his mother who is the next of kin. Su padre. Elian despite what anyone one of us feels or thinks, is right now next to the person who loves him the most after his mother…that is his father. We can’t forget that! Ninguna primita o tio que apenas lo conocian could replace a father. How sad that Elian became a pawn for people on both sides of this fiasco.

  7. Jean,

    You are entitled to your opinion, as a Cuban but moreso as an American, and i respect it. However,my contention has always been that any father would want what is best for his child. Do you think Elian has a better life now than he could have had here, with his family in the States? Seven ounces of milk per month until their 8 is what kids get over there. Bad diets, indoctrination to the state, agricultura, comites de defensa, pioneros, and worst of all no future.

    Had it been me, I would have sent all my children to the states, regardless of the pain of absence and regardless of the fact thay I may not have ever seen them again. Atleast, I would have provided them with a better life and they would have the ability to grow up as individuals, empowered by their own will and not that of the government.

    Yes, it might have been difficult for Elian, but what Cuban has a life without any difficulty? Think it was easy for the Peter Pan kids? And the thousands or so others whose parents left them in Cuba to come here and work to try to give them a future and then fidel refused to let the children leave the island to be with their mothers AND fathers?

    Thats a double standard Im not willing to accept.

  8. Take Me Now, Lord

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  9. To me what is disturbing about this story is that I thought we were trying to honor the rights of the parent (as we should, even if we think our system of government is better).

    But now I’m not sure so Elian’s father’s wishes were served – we don’t know that he wanted Elian returned to Cuba. And that is truly tragic if it is true.

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  11. Would someone please call MzBill on her recollection of Ma’am Jan’s Castro kowtow? As wife-of-Bill, The WOB may appreciate that this bizarre disgrace to American history might well have cost Big Al the election in 2000. But Hillary & Co. deal only in words. Beyond selfish ambition of the say-anything/do-anything variety, reality to her kind is but a TV lens. Yet even The WOB must know that, had Elian’s abduction occurred 5 – 6 years later, the Blogosphere would have outted her as well as her wretched paramour. “Mainstream Media”, indeed! Nothing adequately describes the craven complicity of these jerks. But times have changed, and many a voice now joins me in broadcasting a new message: Bug off, Slophead– NEVER AGAIN!

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