Tributo a Papa

I write a lot about my father here at Babalu. He’s a very special man and one that, despite the fact that he never tried to influence me on my opinions about Cuba and castro, is primarily responsible for how I feel about the island and my culture. He has taught me by example and I dont know what my life would be like had I not had him be a part of it.

I am lucky. There are many many Cubans who grew up without a father because of fidel castro, who had them killed simply for refusing to bow to his dictates.

The link below is to a documentary (in Spanish) titled Tributo a Papa, a Tribute to Father, hosted by the site El Veraz in Puerto Rico. It’s an hour long and interviews many Cubans: daughters, sons, wives, brothers, friends of the many men who died by the order of fidel castro.

If you’re Cuban, and you havent already seen Tributo a Papa, do so. You will never forget it.

Tributo a Papa.

8 thoughts on “Tributo a Papa”

  1. Is it ethical to wish death on the entire Castro family – and I mean “entire” from young to old for what he has done to all the innocent Cuban families?

    It’s a kind of Biblical question which we need to address.

    If not death either life in jail for the lot of them or banishment from the island for ever.

    My father died last year – he never saw his homeland again – he left in 1961 he was 75.

    All because of fidel. I hate you fidel I hope you suffer forever in hell as for all your kin.

    Am I being harsh?

    Too bad.

  2. Good comment. If you stop an think about it, it is ironic that anyone would wish upon Fidel and his family what he did to their families. It’s like using terrorist methods to beat terrorists…it just doesn’t seem civilized.

  3. You cant be civil with fidel – its full justice on him and his kin – old testament – medeval – no quarter. His whole family should not be allowed to live in Cuba anymore.

  4. Val, again and again I have pointed out that in order for them to tell the story here in the U.S., the properlanguage to use is English! That’s one reason so few Americans know the story; it is told over and over again by Cubans in Spanish. My daughter could understand it; she speaks perfect Spanish. But, who else can?

    And, the Latins from Mexico had so much pro-castro propaganda over the years that it won’t affect them too much. Besides, they’re watching Sitcoms in Spanish.

    If they are not going to speak in English, then they should have subtitles.

  5. The web site hosting the documentary is from Puerto Rico, so I wouldn’t expect them to do it in English unless they were planning on releasing it in the U.S.

    Howard I agree that the story must be told or subtitled in English. PBS has run several documentaries from Cuban-Americans describing life in exile, Cuban-American customs, etc., with voice and subtitles in both English and Spanish. The last documentary they aired on Fidel was narrated entirely in English. Therefore I think non-Spanish speakers have had plenty of opportunities to hear about the Cubans’ story in English.

  6. We need it in English, my brother speaks Spanish but regrettably, I do not. One of my daughters speaks Spanish and she translates for me but many Americans don’t have that advantage.

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