If you are just getting here through USA Today, welcome. Please pull up a chair and make yourselves at home. The cafecitos are almost ready so feel free to scroll down and read some spirited discussions and debate. There’s also a memorial post for some fallen American pilots and a whole heckova lot of fidel bashing.

If you’re interested in anything in particular about Cuba, I urge you to use the search feature as I’m sure the topic has been covered here at one point or another.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting a short movie made in Cuba that has been playing clandestinely throughout the island. It’s called Monte Rouge and all the people involved may have been at great risk in making such a film critical of the castro regime.

Again, make yourselves at home and please, try to keep the cigar ashes off the carpeting, the Mrs. gives me hell about it.

5 thoughts on “Bienvenidos”

  1. I just want to say congratulations on all that you have accomplished for the Cuban Community.

    As a son of Cuban immigrants (they left the same year that you did), I have heard of the countless evils that the Fidel’s regime imposed on my family.

    As a born and breed NY, I sometimes find a hard time trying to find people here that personally know what it is like to live under a communist regime.

    Most of the people here in the east coast only of Cuba by what their liberal college professors tell them ” it has a great health care system”
    “he fought against American imperialism”.

    This site is so refreshing and such a great tool to educate the world.

    I am a history teacher in NYC, if I can help you with anything please let me know.

    Mi hermano… te felicito por todo !!!!


  2. Val, te felicito. You are giving our side of the Cuba debate and the anti-castro movement a shot in the arm with your writings. You make all of us Cuban-born Americans proud. Viva Cuba Libre!

  3. Congratulations, Val! This is truly wonderful news! And why shouldn’t it be? The mainstream media (except for the smart, enterprising, intelligent reporter Jennifer Mooney Piedra at Miami Herald) has been completely asleep, as has Hollywood (‘Motorsickle Diaries,’ anyone?) and the publishing world. All means of communication have been shut off for those who still suffer from communist regimes. Val, you make the difference and you are a historic person, a real person of historic significance. One day, you will be telling bigleague historians your story, while barbudo burns in hades, knowing full well that the real story is finally being told.

    Congratulations again!!!

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