…and the hits keep on coming!

Here is a new article from FrontPage Magazine titled “Witless for Peace”. I will regale you with a wee highlight:

The WFP curricula focus most heavily on Cuba, where the student group plans no fewer than seven trips this year alone. WFP portrays Castro?s communist gulag as a poverty-stricken victim of U.S. imperialism that that supplies universal health care, housing and nutrition for all, unlike the big, bad USA. College students learn of the economic joys of Cuban tyranny before they turn to the ?beauties? of the nation’s strictly censored culture and arts. Next, they attend sessions to ?uncover the realities behind historic U.S. propaganda against Cuba.?

Read the whole thing, but have your barf bag handy…

8 thoughts on “…and the hits keep on coming!”

  1. Heh. Matt G was emailing me some of the same garbage this evening.

    While he may seem an egregious troll, I figured he needed to have some very real, meaningful lessons in human nature so I attempted, with as little invective as possible, to explain to him why capitalism just reflects humanities basic nature and enforcing utopias is always a failure and always done with the weight of a boot.

    I posted our conversation and a link to your site over at my place. I’ll update as we go on or as long as either of us can take it.

    I urged him to go live in Cuba if it was so grand, but recommended that he make friends with the European consulate just in case of an emergency. 😉

  2. Since I began looking into the actual trade between the U.S. and Cuba, I was shocked to learn that Cuba is our 25th largest trading partner, and we are Cuba’s seventh. Doesn’t sound like the bearded bastard is any more of a victim than the whining “victims” one hears screaching in this country.

  3. So, the communist regime in Havana bribes his lobbyists in the USA (and anywhere else) with free luxury holidays in exchange for foreign agitprop activities.

    The perfect tit-for-tat: the witless dweebs get the kind of royal treatment they’d never be able to pay for by themselves anywhere else in the world (luxury resorts and exquisite cuisine), they get to bask in the (fake) respect and admiration the commie indoctrination instructors show them and they wouldn’t get anywhere else in the world (they’re being told they are the intellectual westerners that “see and spread the truth”, get it?); and the castro regime gets the best lobby they could get, and pretty much for free, in fact (Cuban tourism employees aren’t payed too much, and aren’t even allowed to receive tips from the foreign visitors, from what I hear).

    Useful idiots and sell-offs: the two resources this planet will never be in lack of. Now, color me surprised about the story at hand.

  4. Take heart all good people, the wind is changing and a new day is coming. For years, partisans of Liberty have fought against the odds, often to the open hostility of the liberal apparatchiks and their media propagandists, but things are happening. Now more people are seeing the truth and speaking out against the fascist ideologues and demegogues across the world. The liberals think this is the end of the world, and they’re right, it’s their end. They’ve had most of the last century to run amok, leaving destruction, misery, and repression in their wake, but their days are numbered.
    Nearly everywhere around the world people are able for the first time to have access to a free exchange of information, unfiltered by the Party watchdogs in the media, government, and NGO’s, and they’re starting to realise they’ve been lied to, and they don’t like it.
    We still have a long way to go, but we can see nearly to the end of the road now. Soon there will be democratic governments established in the Middle East, which has known only dictatorships so far, and once that region is sorted out, we can begin working in our own back yard, hopefully starting with Cuba.

  5. Read it well josecruz and you will notice that I did, on all points over and over.

    The old saying, “Ojos que no ven, corazon que no siente” in this case should have been, ” oidos que no oyen, ojos que no quieren ver, cerebros que no funcionan”.

    I basically realized it was a waste of time to keep on.

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