fidel castro: BITCH

Remember the fidel castro is my Bitch image that I posted here last month? Well, my good friend and all around nice commie hating guy Aaron – who, incidentally, created the image for me – has set up a fidel castro is my Bitch page on CafePress.

Drop by and check out all the goodies with the Bitch image of fidel in crosshairs. Everything is there. From tshirts to buttons to coffee mugs to thongs.

Imagine a fidel castro is my BITCH coffee mug prominently displayed on the conference room table at your next board meeting! Or a fidel castro is my BITCH tote bag used to carry all those books at the university! And dont forget, what better way to send your loved ones a nice note than with the fidel castro is my BITCH greeting card!

So, go ahead, piss fidel off. Help a capitalist make some cash off his image while calling the bearded bastard a bitch at the same time.

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    Erica, if you need hits on your site, either write something that will cultivate your own readership, or ask for them. Dont come to this blog with anymore of your completely ASSBACKWARD verbal diarheah.

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