Where is The Manolo when you need him?

Unbelievable, yet true:

RANCHUELO, March 11 (F?lix Reyes Guti?rrez, Cubanac?n Press / www.cubanet.org) – Workers at the Ramiro Lavendero cigarette factory here say they are very unhappy the government has not kept to its commitments when it recently distributed just part of a suite of working clothes.

For four years, workers say, the administration has been promising the clothes and finally last week distributed a pair of shoes to each worker.

Many say they sold the shoes, as they were not the right size.

“For four years we have been wearing our clothes out in this factory that historically shows good returns. Now they try to keep us happy with these ugly shoes,” said one worker.

And rice cookers….

3 thoughts on “Where is The Manolo when you need him?”

  1. This man Castro he makes the blood of the Manolo boil.

    All the Manolo he can do when he reads the stories like this, is to devoutly wish for the death of this tyrant, and the blossoming of the freedom for the peoples of cuba afterwards.

  2. the net is such a small world. manolo and daniel from venezulea news and views are on my favorites. daniel led me to babalu who speaks of the manolo.

    please, I am just a humble farm girl, from maine, but I must say, I love the internet, I love the manolo, and babalu, you are growing on me.

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