Cuba and the UN

Like a domestic call on COPS with a restraining order and everything.

I deleted a comment from one of those useful idiot types that comes here to spew castro’s rhetorical venom – despite being banned numerous times (Note to Matthew: If someone throws you out of their house, chances are they dont want you back again.). But there is one point of his party-line comment that I want to address here quickly.

He mentioned that the US could not get at least one Latin American country to denounce the castro regime for its record on human rights. And that may be so. The region is rife with instability right now. Starting with chavez, FARC, and the goings on in Bolivia and castro’s dream of exporting his revolution. And I wont even mention the cesspool of anti-American sentiment proliferating there from the uninformed and dare I say the envious.

Funny, but why is it that people from all of these countries mentioned above – and others in the region – are always trying to emmigrate TO the US?

But that’s neither here nor there.

Here’s a report from the Guardian regarding the UN Human Rights Commision, Cuba and reality:

U.N. Expert Rejects Cuba’s Accusations

Thursday March 24, 2005 12:31 AM


Associated Press Writer

GENEVA (AP) – A top U.N. investigator clashed with Cuban officials Wednesday over her report criticizing human rights conditions on the communist-ruled island.

Cuban Ambassador Jorge Mora Godoy told the U.N. Human Rights Commission that Christine Chanet was playing into the hands of the U.S. campaign against Havana.

But Chanet, a French legal expert, slammed Cuban authorities from banning her from the country, making it “almost impossible” to prepare balanced report.

The clash occurred when Chanet presented her report on human rights in Cuba to the 53-nation commission, which is part-way through its annual six-week session. The commission is the world body’s top human rights watchdog.

Cuba has never allowed a U.N. human rights envoy to visit the island, claiming such visits could infringe on its sovereignty. Chanet prepared her report based on meetings with campaigners, human-rights investigators and other governments.

“This report, based on lies and slander, only serves as a platform for the anti-Cuban campaign of the government of the United States, which is completely immoral,” Godoy told the commission.

He said the United States had been waging a campaign of “aggression and manipulation” against Cuba for the past 45 years.

In her report, Chanet noted that Cuba’s release of 18 political prisoners last year was a positive step, but did “not signify the end of the repression” because other political detainees were still behind bars.

The report said Cuban authorities arrested people in 2004 for expressing anti-government opinions, working with international human rights organizations and participating in associations or academic groups deemed counterrevolutionary.

She urged Havana to improve its treatment of political prisoners, who often receive poor food, hygiene and medical treatment, the report said.

Chanet also said Cuba should stop penalizing journalists, academics and activists for acts of free expression. But she gave good grades to the country’s health care, education system and level of gender equality in employment.

The United States has had economic sanctions against Cuba since President John F. Kennedy imposed them in 1963, four years after Fidel Castro came to power.

fidel castro’s goons slam Chanet, stating her report is based on lies and slander, but doesnt allow Chanet or other UN representatives to enter the island to conduct the investigation to actually prepare the report.

Why doesnt the castro regime allow UN inspectors in if he’s got nothing to hide? If one is to believe that Cuba is in fact the paradise of humanity that castro, chavez and all the other leftists baffoons claim her to be then why cant the system stand up to a little scrutiny?

We all know why.

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  1. I just did something I would be punished severely for in Cuba. As you all know I go to a University where I know that mostly everyone is a Leftist. Rightly so I went to the university’s library and went to the section of books where they had the “Diary of Che Guevara” with an intro by Fidel Castro. I secretly wrote an entire essay for anyone who read the book describing Che Guevara to be nothing more than a Murder. No romantic revolutionary hero like the book explains. Nada. No better than his idol Josef Stalin. I put the reason why. The people he killed, Everything I know about him and his buddy Castro. After that I neatly folded the paper and Tucked it into the book, before the title page. I hope I get through to someone. This act would never be allowed in Cuba, I would recieve 20-life, or even “Fucilado” for this.
    I await to hear for a response in my university.


  2. The big problem with a French person working for the UN writing a report about Cuba’s human rights violations is pretty obvious – it’s laughably easy to dismiss anything said by the French and the UN. In both cases, it results in people saying things like “what’s the problem, castro refused to comply with your bribe demands?”.

    I’m not saying the report won’t be true – considering the sources, it’s likely very understated. I’m just saying considering the source, not many people will pay attention.

    I think a report from for example The Red Cross would do a lot more good.

  3. What pisses me off is the following quote from yesterday’s reuters report about this same story:

    “In her report, she also criticized the United States, saying Washington’s embargo on contacts with the island since Cuban leader Fidel Castro took power in 1959 had “disastrous and lasting economic and social effects.””

    Yep, isn’t it obvious that a foreign policy dispute should lead directly to domestic infringement of human rights. It’s all the U.S.’s fault.

    I hate it when they embed these bullshit arguments in anotherwise productive statement.

  4. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, we’re the immoral ones. We’re destroying Cuba, blah, blah, blah. I didn’t hear this crap when we were putting the squeeze on South Africa in order to free their people. Does this say something about the perceived value of a Cuban life?

  5. I believe that I have at least one Latin American Country that doesn’t support castro: El Salvador. I could be wrong, but I think that this is at least one country against fidelito. I’ll have to check this out.

  6. I think I have at least one Latin American Country that doesn’t support castro: El Salvador. I could be wrong, but I think that this is at least one country against fidelito. I’ll have to check this out.

  7. Aggh… I was told to change it… and it came out twice! OYE, Val que’ta pasando aqui chico?

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