More Elian and Terri parallels

From a friend of Herbert Meyer’s:

In each case, the victim is under the legal control of a man who is no longer living with the victim, who in fact has run off with another woman and fathered her children, and who no longer plays an active role in the victim?s life. In Terri?s case, this is her husband. In Elian?s case, it?s his father. Moreover, in each case there are people willing and able to care for the victim ? Terri?s parents; Elian?s relatives in Miami. Yet in each case, the man with legal control insists that the victim be harmed ? Terri killed, Elian shipped back to Castro?s Cuba. And in each case, the liberals ? who never shut up about their concern for the weak and the oppressed ? have sided with the creep against the victim.

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12 thoughts on “More Elian and Terri parallels”

  1. Val,
    The thing is, the liberals (that bunch of cryptocommunists) are like their brothers in arms, the islamofascists: They would love to imposse a culture of death onto all of us. They side with death, all the time, with only one condition; the being to be killed has to be from one of these groups: the unborn, the ill, the ones who fight communism and the American troops fighting terrorism, the ones with the cojones to scream Viva Cristo Rey, and of course us, the masters of the evil Cuban American conspiracy against Hollywood.
    Now, it’s very different while we talk about a convicter murderer, rapist, serial killer, cop killer, terrorist or fallen dictator (or Satan Hussein, who is all of the above rolled into one) In that case they oppose the death penalty.
    I have never heard them protesting the shooting squads in Cuba (that death penalty doesn’t concern them) or the gassed Kurds in Iraq.
    The unborn, Elian, and Terri are too little and too much in the hands of God, to pure and sinless to being loved by the libshits. Their hate is with those who are clean and pure. Their hate is with America. And with us, sinners who have the cojones to oppose them.

  2. LOL!

    Man, you guys need to chill. . . 🙂

    Still resenting the Elian thing after all this time, huh? Here’s a little hint to you guys:

    You people MADE COMPLETE ASSES OF YOURSELVES on national television. Almost nobody outside of FL wanted to see the kid end up with that trashy Miami family. You were the PUNCH LINE of almost every SNL skit, talk-show joke, and social gathering joke at the time. Most Yumas were TURNED OFF by the farce they saw on their TV screens. . . just as most Yumas today (just look at the polls, although I’m sure you think they’re all manipulated by liberal, leftist scum) are actually TURNED OFF that Congress and the Pres. made a big show of the Schiavo thing.

    When are you folks going to realize that inbreeding for 30-40 years in a far corner of YUMALAND does NOT qualify you for full YUMA status!! Your political values do NOT necessarily dovetail with mainstream Yumas who for the most part are only slightly right-of-center.

    Everyone in the country knows that Florida has the wackiest politics. . . except the Floridians. LMAO at all you pathetic punks!

    I’ll just have to say it again: KISS MY YUMA ASS!! LOL!! 😉

  3. Oy! What is up with this tar and feather routine?

    I was against sending Elian back, and I’m against the Florida and DC countermanding a court order. Sheesh, the rhetoric gets nastier and nastier, to the point of outright lies about ‘the other side’. Sheesh!

  4. Sheesh. Some creep is worried about trivial crap like SNL and and other TV bloviation when a kid was sent back to a dictatorship and a woman is being starved to death.

    That ought to let you know what type of mindset is out there, Val.

    That’s why I decided to leave it alone and simple pray. Sure some of the folks who were opposed to the actions of the president, his brother and the US Congress in the Schiavo matter are reasonable and thoughtful. But there are too many like your guest: who put BS over life and death.

  5. Turbito, feel better now? Make yourself feel superior?


    Now you take your marxist leninist crap somewhere else where it is appreciated.

    Or as we inbred types in a far corner of YUMALAND NOT qualified you for full YUMA status say….

    Metete la lengua en el culito y vete hablar mierda pa otro lao!.

    Happy inbred’s face!

  6. I am the 14 year old daughter of a Cuban refugee. I firmly believe that death should NOT be an option in our government system. Thousands of innocents are dying each day, from unborn babies aborted by their mothers to those who need help the most. I think the worst possible thing they can do for Terri is make her case a federal matter. Like Elian, this is not a federal issue, and a bunch of suits on Capitol Hill are frankly not going to care about what is in the best personal interest of the individuals involved.

  7. Hey ‘turbo’ is that the speed with which your brain freezes up? What idiot, other than yourself, thinks SNL is the news, or gets anywhere near the truth? Crawl back under your rock!

  8. Here’s my issue with this whole thing. While some people spend their life trying to save whales, dolphins and animals in general no matter what condition the animal is in, they seem to have a problem saving a human life.

    It almost seems sometimes that animals which God considers of less value than us, have more rights to live than human beings and not only is she being sentenced to death but starved to death at that.

    I hear that the husband plans on showing through an autopsy how severly brain-damaged she was but frankly, I won’t care b/c they still put her through the worst death of dehydration and I definitely know what it feels like to slowly dehydrated. I just hope that someday Mr. Schiavo gets a little of his own medicine. What goes around, comes around.

    If he was a real man, he would’ve gone on with his life and let Terri’s parents gone on with theirs while taking care of Terri.

  9. Dehydrating you and starving you like they are doing to that girl, if she did not have complete brain damage, it is sure to give it to her at the end. An autopsy won’t prove a thing besides the fact she was starved to death like the victims of a holocaust! And in America! Who would’ve thought? Shameful!

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