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  1. This was my message to those “people”, their e-mail address is: info@cubanrevolution.com


    this is a quote from one of your favorite criminals:
    To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary…These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution! And a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate. We must create the pedagogy of El Pared?n!” –Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara

    And this is a quote from your favorite tyrant and terrorist:
    “Cuba and Iran together can bring America down to her knees” –Fidel Castro

    The Cuban people is starving under a dictatorship and you have a restaurant called Cuban Revolution. What do you cook with? Pressure cookers, rice cookers? Is your menu a rationing card?

    Let me remind you, since you’re in a town that is friendly to gays, that Castro and Guevara themselves directed a very harsh series of progroms against homosexuals who were thrown in work camps called UMAP (military units of support to the production) with a sign in the door that said “Hard Work Will Make You Men”… sounds like Arbeit Macht Frei, or Work will liberate you, of their political ancestor Adolph Hitler.

    All said, may you roast in hell with your fake IDOLS

  2. I’ve known about this place for quite some time, since I live in Rhode Island and visit Providence often. I hadn’t run into their web presence… Thanks for ruining my day, Val ;-(…

    Damn, I need to find me some real evil-looking santeria mojo shit to dump in front of their door. I’m not talking about caracoles here, I want some real bloody chicken organ shit… Recipes would be greatly appreciated…

    In the meantime, next time I’m in the ‘hood I think I may just take a little piss on their bushes…

  3. If This Place Were in Miami, it Would be Firebomb

    The other day I wondered why it’s hip for young people to wear Che Guavara t-shirts and just assumed it was their ignorance. But I wonder what the excuse is for this eatery in Rhode Island…

  4. I’m just wondering do the get any business? R.I. Isn’t that one of those blue states? Ya they probably got a signed photo of Reno somewhere on a wall.

  5. Although I have never actually set foot inside their establishment (or should I call it anti-establishment), they probably do quite well… You just wouldn’t believe the number of sandalistas and other fellow travelers around these parts… They practically fall off the trees…

  6. Un. Fucking. Believable.

    You know, Val, every day you post something that ratchets up the “no way!” scale another notch. It seems you have discovered a new species of useful idiot: restauranturensis communistis imbecilis. First it was that idiot and his restaurant a month or two back; now this.

    I’ll just keep repeating myself: MIND-BOGGLINGLY STUPID.

  7. Increible Val – esa jente solamente tienen cabesa para sombrero por que la tienen llena de MIERDA! I’m am sooooo tired of these freaking idiots!!!!

  8. The Cuban Revolution – well isn’t that just special – how fucking ORIGINAL.

    They quote:
    “Although it?s primary goal was to rid Cuba of decades of corporate and political corruption”

    Yeah right – sell me some more swamp land you maricas – what about all the greedy European companies in business with Castro?

    They are not even serving real Cuban food – Cubans don’t eat burritos you pricks

    Just so fucking typical – excuse my Queens English – VAL – the problem with mofos like this is that they have never lived in a satanic dictatorship like KKKuba where one gets spiritually and nutritionally sodomized everyday! They have it pretty well living here smoking pot and getting laid by pretty college co-eds. I mean is this thing for real or what?! they are serving up food in this joint which the Cubans can’t even eat because they are starving and is not available to them because of rationing – but hey, we can complain all we want and they always come back with all that embargo crap. Well last time I looked embargo or not raising pigs and cows and fishing is not prohibited by an embargo especially in such a once fertile land like Cuba and this we poor and starving because the USA embargo is just a load of BS!

    VAL – I hope these guys get food poisoning from some rancid pork they serve up.

    And also – may their wifes, mother’s and sisters and all their female relatives and friends WOMBS dry out!

    THERE has to be a HELL – because it was especially made for maricas like this!

    This makes me so mad.

  9. Que clase de come mierda. We need to unite as Cuban people so we can stop this kinda shit. Imagine me opening a sanwich shop with hitler in my intro and a nice big swastika for a sign. How long do you think i’d be selling sandwiches.

  10. Exactly Jorge, what is needed is a Cuban ADL, an organized group that raises bloody hell and makes these hateful cockroaches run for cover. I like the idea of some scary santeria as well. How hard would it be to get a chicken, slit it’s throat, tie some weird shit to it, write some slogans…what really pisses me off with people like this is the fact that they make their living off the pain and suffering of others.

  11. Sadly, the existence of shops of this kind is probably not all than uncommon. Whether it’s this particular restaurant in Providence or the Puff N? Stuff smoke shop Matt Gross mentioned in his article in the OSU Sentinel… Perhaps I’m jaded (since I’ve been living in the Great White Northeast for a long time), but the level of (1) ignorance about the Cuban situation, (2) blind acceptance of the mythology developed by Castro and his apologists, and (3) dismissiveness of anything Cuban-Americans might have to offer on the subject, is no longer shocking… Depressing? yes and always will be… Shocking? not anymore…

    Baideg?ey Katheleen, I wasn’t really being serious about the santeria thing. That was just sarcasm… Since I am Cuban, el sarcasmo corre por mis venas. I have wished, more than once, for the existence of a Cuban equivalent of the ADL…

    I do wonder, though, ;-> … If I manage to write Che Sucks while peeing on their bushes, would that type of public urination constitute protected speech. Hmmm, any lawyers out there care to chime in!?

  12. For all to know:
    Edward Morabito is an unsavory politician backed by the sandals up in Rhode Island.
    In his profile (I googled it out) it said that he was assistant to Governor Lincoln Almond and that he left him to pursue a political career on his own. His profile says “Restaurant Owner, Ex-Reagan Aide”. Poor Ronnie, he would be kicking his ass around Rhode Island if he weren’t dead.
    So this guy is not uninformed regarding politics.
    He is just illintentioned and greedy, thus he capitalizes on the Holocaust of the Cuban people and the fascination of the left for those murdereres of cagastro and guevara.

  13. Obviously, I’m having a little fun with this ;-> (sad as it may be in reality)…

    Picture this, I take Kathleen’s recommendation. Find me a chicken, cut its throat, and put together some really gory-looking mojo. I get caught tossing said mojo at the Cuban Revolution in Providence, RI.

    Here’s the likely headline in the local papers…

    Animal-Abusing Cuban-American Terrorist Caught in the Act of Sabotaging the Cuban Revolution.
    Connections to the Miami Mafia under investigation.

    Is that priceless or what!?

  14. LMAO!Hey Miguel I was just being sarcastic as well. If would be fun to scare the shit out of them, but no doubt you would get arrested. I mean God forbid, kill a chicken!

  15. Saw a place just like this in Wellington, New Zealand called fidel’s. The group of people I was with thought it was “cool.” The place made me ill, and no, I didn’t eat there. What a horrible restaurant trend.

  16. Daym! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this one. I mean, making money off ol fidel is a good thing what with his politics, but making money of the deaths of innocent Cubans that died fighting for their rights is something else all together!

    Anybody up in Rhode Island up for a picket, or signs? I’d do it myself but I live in England right now, and um have never been to RI. You could also try editorials or letter to the editor in the local and area papers. Call for a boycott if nothing else. Spread it around those you know in the area and see if it affects business.

  17. Ooh, on the resturant front, how about Pol’s Pot. Let’s make sure we’ve got decor to match. I think the wall of skulls would do quite nicely.

    We can do a Venezuela theme too. Let’s make sure the oil and vinegar dressing is red.

    How about a Tienenman’s Square? That should just be a laugh riot! We can serve rice with all the small rodents and insects you can catch!

    Sheesh, one would think that a resturant would want to ensure their hero was worth that status. I guess to some jackass Yankies up in the East it don’t matter as long as the money is green. Sounds so very French to me…

  18. Rhianna, you will be surprised to know how many of the New York leftist “intellectuals” (they don’t seem to have a body of intellectual works, but they are called like that anyways, it’s beyond me) actually look like if they were French, unwashed, in sandals, greasy hair, dressed in black, and thinking that they deserve everything, possibly for free. The only thing that we are missing is that the stupid Rodent Island restaurant comes to the Library party as a caterer. Imagine how nice, the waiters in fatigues! If some guest gets rowdy, they would certainly stage a quaint mock shooting squad!
    Well, they will have rationing cards as menus…

  19. Useless Idiots

    Val Prieto points us to this eating establishment: Cuban Revolution is much more than a place to find great food at a great price with great atmosphere. We honor the revolutionary spirit of individuals who struggle against tyranny and oppression,…

  20. Here are the ones I posted on my Blog:
    Hitler House of Steaks.
    David Duke Deli.
    Pol-Pot Pizza.
    Stalin Sub Shop.
    Arafat All You Can Eat
    Try opening those in your neighborhood!

  21. I have tried to send them e-mail several times but keep getting it back saying it was “refused”. I guess they’ve heard enough. Good work my brothers and sisters.


  22. In case anybody wants to write to the editor of the local paper (The Providence Journal), here are the pertinent directions from their web site (www.projo.com)…

    We welcome letters. Each must carry the writer’s name, address and daytime phone. We favor letters of 250 words or fewer. If you cite an article in the Journal, please give its date and page. We reserve the right to edit submissions for space and clarity.

    Send submissions to letters@projo.com.

  23. You’re shitting me… and what’s so schitzo about it is that it has and supports valid links like Free-Biscet.org to educate us on fidel’s abuse with dissidents. SOOOOO… the store is extolling a regime that it recognizes online to be corrupt?

    ??o! What can I say, but that I am inspired! Please keep your eyes open for my new organically produced Musolini Munchies with Hienrich Himmler sauce, it will be the health food of the new millenium. And unlike Solient Green I’ll make sure to follow this store’s policy and put a label on it that says: “made from real people.”

  24. estoy tan encojonao despues de ver esto que me dan ganas de cojer el monitor y zumbarlo por la ventana.estoy tan empingao que ni las palabras me salen casi de la boca .fuck this fuckin redneck or whoever owns that shit .me resingo en tu madre singao cumunista ..


  26. Just send some of the kids that went to the County Fair E. Coli Petting Zoo over there without washing their hands. That’ll fix their asses but good. Wait till the burgoise food inspectors track the source back to their tables and door handles.

  27. Val,
    edward and mary morabito appear to be of Cuban origin from my search. Do you have any more info on this communist couple?

  28. I’d love to see them open a place like that here in Miami, we could always use a new target practice range!

    Funny how they speak against capatialism yet offer franchise oppurtunity? Make up your minds,damn idiots!

    Take this how ya’ll want,but I think by continuing to speak about Fidel only keeps him alive,let’s stop for a while and talk about someone else,perhaps his faggot brother Raul! lol

  29. Useless Idiots

    Val Prieto points us to this eating establishment: Cuban Revolution is much more than a place to find great food at a great price with great atmosphere. We honor the revolutionary spirit of individuals who struggle against tyranny and oppression,…

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