Mamey!!!! (UPDATED)


The text reads:

“Hurry Hon! fidel is going to teach us how to make a mamey shake without mamey, without milk and without a blender.”

Speaking of translations, a few folks have been kind enough to offer help in translating a some of the entries into Spanish. Unfortunately, I had issues with my email program a few days ago and lost a good number of saved emails. If you have emailed me regarding this, or would like to lend a hand with some translating, please email me. Gracias.

Update: Perhaps I should explain to you all not familiar with tropical fruits about the mamey. You can find some general info on it here.

The mamey is so loved by Cubans, so sweet and incredibly delicious that the word “mamey” is often used as a qualifier or a metaphor. Consider this kinda like a Cubanism:

Let’s say you are a single Cuban guy hanging out with a another single Cuban guy buddy of yours and an incredibly beautiful babe – a hottie – walks by you.

“?o!” Youre Cuban buddy will say.

To which you respond “Eso es puro mamey, asere.”

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  1. Oh, man, mamey milkshakes!!! One of the things I miss most from my years in Miami. Great cartoon, incidentally.

  2. Now I’ll have to go about finding a mamey — Mmmm mamey milkshakes! I wonder if Steve could post a recipe in his next cookbook?

  3. The mamey is a tree-fruit that is grown in tropical and subtropical regions and has a flavor somewhat similar to strawberry. I was able to find some mamey mix in a local hispanic grocery. You mix it with vanilla ice cream and milk in a blender and it is, in my opinion, just about the best milkshake anywhere.

  4. I tried mamey for the first time while on vacation in St. Croix…it was absolutely incredible! Unfortunately, I can’t find it up here in Ohio. But we have plenty of maple syrup…

  5. Sheila,

    Ill see if I can have a few sent over when their in season. Although, I can tell you that the image in the header of your blog, is, in fact, Mamey!!!!!

  6. Can you get the actual mamey fruit in Miami, now? I seem to recall that, about 20 years ago or so, there were some problems about importing the fruit because the pits supposedly are toxic. I tried growing a mamey tree in my back yard, incidentally, and it did fine until the japanese beetles started in on it; the little devils apparently came from miles around, and passed up everything else, just to chow down on the mamey leaves. They even passed up the cherimoya tree – the fruit of which was once described by Mark Twain as “the perfect fruit”. And it is, too; chill the things, and it’s like eating ice cream or custard right out of the fruit itself.

  7. Hey Steve I don’t know where you get your fruits from but there’s something wrong. I’ve always loved Guanabana.

  8. For those of you who are up north in cold land or just don’t know what these are and who want to see what mameys look like along with anones, guanabanas, mamoncillos, varieties of mangoes, tropical etc., etc., click on the website below. Beautiful pics.

    A great refreshing mamey shake is made as follows:

    half a large mamey
    2 scoops vanilla ice cream
    1 tablespoons sugar
    1/2 teaspoon vanilla
    pinch of salt
    6 ice cubes
    4 ounces skim milk
    Frappe at full blast in blender until smooth

    Add vodka or rum if you’re part Irish.

  9. Mamey was yet ANOTHER fruit I saw being sold in Taiwan ! and I tell you Taiwanese Mamey shake was DAMN GOOD!
    The ONLY problem with Mamey is that it has like 45 seconds of being PERFECT! you miss that little time window and it is either “verde” or “papilla” . Hence the popularity of the BATIDO de Mamey , since the over rippen ones make the best Batidos.!
    BTW the cartoon forgot to mention SUGAR !, but I still laughed my ass off.

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