EX-political prisoner freed

Raul Rivero was allowed to leave castro’s island prison:

Freed from Castro’s jail, dissident moves to Spain

From Herald Wire Services

Cuban dissident writer Raul Rivero, unexpectedly freed from prison there in November, arrived in Madrid on Friday intending to live and work in Spain.

Rivero, an independent journalist and poet, was greeted at Madrid’s airport by Bernardino Leon, secretary of state for foreign policy, and by Trinidad Jimenez, the ruling Socialist Party’s senior foreign policy official.

Rivero vowed to continue fighting for the rights of jailed Cuban dissidents. ”So long as one single prisoner remains I will continue to work for them,” he said.

The writer was accompanied by his wife Blanca Reyes, his 11-year-old daughter and his mother.

Rivero was among 75 opposition activists jailed two years ago and sentenced to prison terms averaging 20 years for treason in the largest crackdown on Cuban dissent in recent history. Rivero and 13 other people were released on medical parole late last year.

Cuba accused the activists of working with the U.S government to undermine President Fidel Castro’s communist system, something that the dissidents and American officials deny.

6 thoughts on “EX-political prisoner freed”

  1. Some may see this as a sign of “compassion” by the castro regime, but remember that Rivero was told that he had to leave Cuba within a year after his release.

    Let’s hope he can return to a free Cuba someday very soon!

  2. This is no other than the 21 century application of a practice that was typical of colonial Spain, el destierro. Send people far away from where their political activities were relevant. In modern days, cagastro has perfected this, and Rivero will be always followed by more shadows than his own. I mean, he is free outside Cuba, but cagastro’s goons are going to follow him everywhere, trying to keep him under control, trying to collect information on his contacts and ready to “terminate” him if (and whenever) their sinister commander oders it.
    Think of Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini, roll them togheter and multiply for the highest number you can imagine, the evil of cagastro is bigger than that. The only way out is to decapitate the tyranny.

  3. By getting rid of him, they have accomplished much. Outside the country he’s not going to do that much harm. Those who are vocal either end up in prison or expelled.

  4. WOW!!!! OMG!!! I am an avid reader of Rivero’s writings and poetry. I’m pretty sure that castro did this as a hopeful trumpcard to appease the UN, since Rivero is a well known poet throughout Lefty-Europe. If Rivero is indeed who he claims to be, and if his reputation in Europe is indeed as big, then I think castro just made the biggest mistake ever.

    One can only hope.

  5. like i said before the only way to get rid of castro is the only way he understand which is violence and the loss of human life .sad but true violence is our only hope against the evil regime.all other tactics such a dialogue means shit to him and the rest of the hienas.we need to wake up and find more relistic ways to achieve what we have dream for years.

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