But fidel gave them rice cookers!

When ideology is more important that humanity:

HAVANA, April 1 (Reinaldo Cosano Al?n, Lux Info Press / www.cubanet.org) –
Police raided an agricultural market and fair and imposed fines and confiscated merchandise from vendors the government charges with illegalities.

Two commerce inspectors and four police carried out the raids March 29 in Antilla, Holgu?n province.

Mario Cantillo, one of the vendors in the market, said he was fined 80 pesos and lost 120 pounds of boniato that he hadn’t declared.

Another vendor, Rafael Mu?oz, said he was fined 75 pesos and lost pork and lamb that he hadn’t declared. The same happened to Junior Navarro.

One of the vendors said the chief of police had said during the raid: “From now on there will be no more abusing the people. We are going to wage war on speculators and profiteers.”

Consumers, however, have a different take on affairs. One local said: “Thanks to these people (the peasants who sell their produce at markets such as this one) we can eat a little bit better.”

One merchant said: “The only abuses are committed against us. Every day they want us to weigh all our produce, declare the weight and pay an excessive tax. We also have to pay for the space we occupy. The general practice is to underdeclare the weight to make ends meet.”

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  1. My god it’s like being a medieval serf. What a nightmare it must be for Cuba’s poor disenfranchised merchants, denounced as ‘speculators’ and ‘profiteers.’ What a rotten rotten setup castro has in Cuba.

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