Instant Replay, Censored?

In case you missed my rather short interview on the Citizen Journalist Report yesterday, Bill and Jeff both have it online for your listening pleasure. I dont come on until the last ten minutes or so, so either be patient or download and fast forward.

And I still think I sound like a geek reading the Rush Hour piece.

11 thoughts on “Instant Replay, <i>Censored?</i>”

  1. If you want to get to the fast forward, go to Bill’s (INDCJOURNAL) post rather than Jeff’s (CELLULOID-WISDOM). The control set is slightly different (and I had to use IE rather than Firefox to get the control to display – your mileage may vary).

  2. If you sounded like a geek, one hesitates to rate the somewhat-less-virile-than-your-own voices of your hosts.

  3. Man o man, Jeff & Bill are funny but what in the world? Pi?atas? Shoeless? American Graffiti? Were we just stereotyped? Lol. Jeff and Bill if you are reading this, Know that you have much to learn my friends. “Look at the Pelican, c’mon fly pelican” lmao

  4. You didn’t sound like a geek. It was a great way to get your point across without lecturing. And I thought you handled their bizarre humor very well. “But the weather!”

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