5 thoughts on “Good Hair Day”

  1. I forgot to mention Val that Fidel has developed this new space-efficient housing project known as “Residencias Biscet”. I was thinking that perhaps Michael Moore & Co. could enjoy such a self contained abode, don’t you reckon?

  2. Quite unlikely, Alek. His square meter allotment for space would likely be outpaced by his hectare-sized needs.

  3. fidel gives out rice cookers and doubles the minimum wage.

    Call me stupid and ignorant, …but….could he be worried or something? You know, with freedom breaking out all over the world and everything?

  4. I spoke with my wife’s family in Holguin today.
    Not ONE rice cooker, gas burner or pressure cooker has made it to Oriente.
    The increase in the minimum wage has been talked about for over a year (just found this out).
    Just THE BEAST … carrying on with the same empty promises of 50 years as the consummate liar.

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