Up in Smoke

It’s a little after 5 AM on Sunday. In a few minutes, I will be injected the hell out of a pork butt Steve brought over yesterday using one of his concoctions made with who knows what. (I dont ask, they are usually pretty good.)

Of course, the marinade injection takes place only after I have lit the smoker so that it’s nice and hot when I stick the pork butt in there.

At 5 AM. On a Sunday. 5 AM.

Happy F#*&@%^*# Birthday, Steve and Tommy.

8 thoughts on “Up in Smoke”

  1. Happy Birthday! (Happy Porkday?)
    I wish I were there…. I will join (telepathically) from here singing “contigo en la distancia” (Val, ask your parents about that one)

  2. Greetings, Val!
    Your early morning post today reminds me that my offer regarding the “Post-CubaNostalgia Celebration” for your hardworking “staff” still stands!
    So what do you say… will we have a Mancamp Feast on May 23?

  3. Happy birthday guys! Sounds like a REAL Cuban party…lechon and all. VAL please call me when you recover from your too much partying headache. JIM S from Texas asked me to call and of course I misplaced (nice way to say lost) your number. Keep it up!!! See you in Guanabacoa.

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