Vertigo Strikes Again

Val is feeling under the weather again, another vertigo relapse.
Please wish him well.

And, no, the festivities yesterday at ManCamp were pretty mild, so this is unrelated. Or so I am told.

Mora and George, if you could help me man the fort, I’d really appreciate it.

15 thoughts on “Vertigo Strikes Again”

  1. Val, it seems to me that you may be suffering from MSG poisoning. Monosodiun Glutamate is a common ingredient in our Cuban food. “Adobo Goya”, “Accent”, etc. I too had episodes of Vertigo for years and only on Mondays. I always ate at my mother’s on Sundays. She always used that stupid chemical in the food. MSG was invented by the chinese and now they don’t even use it.
    Hope you feel better.

  2. I agree with Al… check into the MSG angle because I had dizziness as well as unexplained rashes that were caused by MSG and food coloring in the “Sazon Completos” “GOYA” and Accent…. Check it out!!!! FEEL BETTER!

  3. Val,

    Hope you feel better soon dude!

    I certainly hope it isn’t the pork causing your vertigo…after all what would ManCamp be without pork?!

  4. Now I feel bad about the hangover comments. Hope you feel better soon. There must be something that’s causing this. Have you seen a specialist?

  5. I don’t much advocate dubious faith healing, but any chance you’ve got an egg Val? You keep sounding like someone has given you an ‘ojo malo’…

    With the enemies of truth you’ve earned, I wouldn’t put it past them…

    Get well ASAP! 🙂

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