El Bravo

Is this a cool image for some swag or what?


Reader CB made this up for me – along with a couple others that are just as cool – using the graphics from old Cuban cigar labels. They totally rock. Unfortunately, getting them printed on tshirts and stuff is expensive as they are full color. I could have them made up on CafePress, but I certainly dont want to give those lefty proponents running that place any more cash.

If anyone knows of a place on the net or elsewhere that can have some swag made from this image at a price that wont break anyone’s bank, drop me a line.

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  1. Two cobalt-blue coffee mugs. With the gold band on the rim. WITH THAT LOGO ON ‘EM, TOO!

    I’m in. I wanna order ’em as soon as they’re available!

    Oh yeah. And for a HIGH-QUALITY tee shirt with that image on the back, and a pocket on the front.

    Just let me know when they’re available!

    Sloop New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

    P.S. Be sure to show that to Al Gutman with Cuban Crafters….somehow, I have a feeling it would end up in production, Val !!!

  2. Val,

    You might want to check with Matt over at Blackfive.net. He just had some shirts made for his blog and I don’t think the price was too bad.


  3. curiouser

    The place I go to shoot is by far the longest drive I ever make, with any regularity. It takes almost 45 minutes to get there, and half of that is on an interstate. So I guess it’s the combination…

  4. Having a lot of different colors there might be a problem printing, each color is put on seperatly. But it’s a cool logo.

  5. hey it may be funny but i found your blog when i was searching info about Cuba.. i`m really interested in your country! everything is so special, amazing.. and i hope one day i could visit it! Best greetings! Cool blog;)

  6. Val – if you buy IRON-ON paper for your printer – you can print it on them (be sure to get the right paper for dark or light tshirts) and bring them to a T-Shirt place and pay to have them ironed on OR – do it yourself. Make sure the iron is very hot and make sure you keep moving it for a little more than the recommended time. I’ve done plenty of shirts for my son’s soapbox racing team and they’ve always come out great!

  7. And one more thing – you can use that same iron-on paper to do mouse pads too. It’s really easy.

  8. Loved your Val cigar box logo, but I think we need to lose the beard. The last ones we got were bad karma, evil ju ju. If Cuba ever gets free and we have a congress and a senate, I’m gonna run for something and my first legislation will be to make beards illegal in the island. No more barbudos, just neat thin mustaches like the good ol’ commieless years. Otherwise, great artwork!

  9. Right Kathleen! They’re called sublimation transfers and are so much nicer to do from an inkjet printer than the old way of screenprinting each color onto the paper then heat transferring to the shirt or hat, etc. The ink turns from a solid to a gas which dyes polyester and a few other synthetics. Just don’t slip when pressing it. Hanes has a shirt now that is woven with cotton on the inside and polyester on the outside which is perfect for this.

  10. This is a neat thread full of interesting thoughts. I love the Indian banner. But as a gringo, I don’t immediately recognize it as cigar-box art – maybe a wooden background or the shape of the thing might alert me faster. Meanwhile, I do know I love the ‘eyes’ logo that is already up and it doesn’t need as much color for printing – if I were you, I’d go with that one unless a reasonably priced vendor is found for the newer one. I am ok with the beard, it is washed, it is combed, it looks sanitary, it doesn’t look like a fly’s breeding ground – it is so unlike fidel’s.

  11. Dude… Kathleen is on the money… Iron-on is the cheapest! The only problem is that if you want to make 100 of these you’re going to have to print and cut 100 sheets and iron them one by one. Asi que you might want to drag some friends, some good music, and a few brewskies for afterwards to do this.

    CB you freaking rock…I love this cigar box image.

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