Baci il mio asino

I just ran across an Italian blog while searching through my refferer logs that had linked to me. Now, I dont speak Italian but after a quick Babelfish translation of the post linking to me I learned that Im a “fascist troglodyte with a bad attitude.”

Has a nice ring to it, dont you think?

Fascist troglodyte with a bad attitude.

Imagine that, being called a fascist by someone in Europe, of all places.


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  1. Funny that…coming from the people who introduced Fascism to the world…psychological projection, perhaps, is at work here.

  2. From The Freshman

    CLARK (Matthew Broderick): Um, that wouldn’t actually be a picture of Mussolini on the wall, would it?

    CARMINE (Marlon Brando): It ain’t Tony Bennett.

  3. As Val knows, I am quasi-Italian. My inner European test goes far enough as it states so.
    Let me translate for Val, to all who insulted him:
    If that weren’t enough, to them goes my very warm
    I won’t say what it means in English!!!!

  4. Congratulations Val! To paraphrase Tolkien from LOTR, Book III, Return of the King: Don’t let it bother you, a sneer from the left is a compliment; it means you’ve spoken the truth and it’s a thorn in their side. Considering that the average fanatic of any stripe will generally accuse their enemies of what is true of themselves, it is telling indeed.

  5. That ought to tell you that you’ve really hit the big time there Val! I read you religiously every day, from…… Iceland!
    I really like your writing, you do an excellent job of pointing a floodlight on the vicious lie that is Cuban communism.

  6. I presonally love it when I get hate mail, its the only way I can tell that Im doing a good job.

    Do these people even know what ‘fascist’ means? Did they notice that ‘el jefe’ wears a military uniform as head of state? ( Irony, thy name is italian communists)

  7. Well, If Charles over at LGF can have Lizeroid Minions I think that Val should have Troglodyte Minions

    Anyone second the motion?

  8. “Fascist troglodyte with a bad attitude.”

    Val…sounds like a good slogan to put on one of your Cuba Nostalgia t-shirts.

  9. Kudos to you Stefania!
    Auguri col tuo blog! Molto interessante, e molto importante!

    Tanti saluti, and my respects…

  10. Constipated Fascist Gargoyle who in his own greedy mind is always right, just imagine his little minister “Draculita” having to withstand his master’s fould breath for uninterrupted six hour diatribes, it must be like mierda, merde, merda, shit on that lowly foot stool…(to end on that tone)

  11. Coming from an italian “communist” that’s actually quite funny! But hell, angry cave dwellers unite!

  12. Hey paisans, aint’ being a Fascist troglodyte with a bad attitude much better than being a plasta flagida soup NAZI?

  13. A decent man, Bob Grant, used to broadcast a message to then Governor of New York State Mario Cuomo, wherein he’d call him a Svatchim (however it’s spelled). And he’d refer to the idiots on the phones as “Gavones”.

    I thought it might be appropriate to share.

  14. I for one refuse outright to be a Troglodyte Minion. Mira que cosa mas grande.

    And BTW, as was translated so correctly (loved the Finocchio reference), it’s not asino, which is just a wee burro, but culo, same as in Cuban.


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