T minus 10 days…

..for Cuba Nostalgia and I still need to….

finish the frame, install the frame, get the awnings sewn, get the laptop tables covered/ upholstered, get the tshirts printed, get the banners completed and printed, get the DSL line run from the panel to the space, find a round table, find chairs, find a carpet, email everyone for support and links and Cuba blogging, install the modem and get the network up and running, get the webcam video software and hardware implemented, coordinate schedules, get the graphics and images done for the sponsors, scan photographs and write posts, coordinate with audio/visual guy for connections, procur the videos and get the Powerpoint presentations completed, beg for stories and posts, buy all necessary miscellaneous things like powerstrips, cabling, tie wraps, etc…

But, most importantly I need to find my sanity! Whose idea was this convention blogging thing anyway?

8 thoughts on “T minus 10 days…”

  1. I will be sending comments galore.
    Pics galore.
    To bad that I am stuck up here in NYC, otherwise I would be of a bit of more help!!!!

  2. Hang in there, compadre!
    Be tough… you can get it done! You are the “little engine that could!”
    And help is on the way: I’m flying into Ft. Lauderdale Thursday afternoon, and should arrive in Miami a few hours later, so let me know what I can do to assist you.
    If there’s something I can do even before I leave home, just tell me.
    I’ll be staying through the weekend, so I will be able to give you as many hours of “staffing” as you want during the entire run of the CubaNostalgia extravaganza.
    Will they have a little room where you might be able to go for a “siesta”? 🙂 Sounds like you might need it, Valentin!

  3. Val,

    I’ll make sure to pass by and meet you in person. I have an anecdote about my grandmother (the one that’s still alive) that you may find amusing. Perhaps material for a post.

    Anyway good luck and I look forward to seeing you.

  4. Nine Days To Cuba Nostalgia

    Go wish Val good luck and if you can do something, jump on in. I do wish I could be there in person, and if you are anywhere in Florida you should take the time and go. LW…

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