Toma chocolate, paga lo que debes

Today is what will surely be one of my favorite holidays from now on. Eat What You Want Day.

Yes, you read correctly. Today is the day where you can eat to your heart’s content. Anything you want, in whatever quantities.

And in celebration of Eat What You Want Day, WSBS radio in Massachusetts will be interviewing the patron saint of culinary excess and author of this holiday’s bible “Eat What You Want and Die Like a Man“: Mr. Hog on Ice himself.

I didnt see a “listen now” link on the radio station’s website, but if you’re in the Massachusetts area, tune in and hear Steve, Mr. ManCamp Excess, on the air at 8:30 AM.

I wonder if the radio show host actually read Steve’s book. If he did, it should be one incredibly interesting interview.

7 thoughts on “Toma chocolate, paga lo que debes”

  1. Hot dang! Eat what you want day! No Atkins! I am gonna eat sweets! Tell Steve I don’t believe him when he says he wasn’t the instigator of this day! Steve off the ice and on the air! I want hear him oink on that radio show! Go Steve!

  2. You’ve got your mojo working Mora!
    That’s a Cuban song. I particularly love the take on it by Nat King Cole, who used to be in Havana as much as he could….
    Thanks Val for the update on the Hog On Air.

  3. Yes toma chocolate, paga lo que debes is the line to a Cuban song.

    I had lecho condesada with rice crispies for breakfast, with a little nestley’s quik sprinckled on top.

    Sorry boys Muddy waters has the best version of Mojom Working. Trust me I know these things, I have a blues band.


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