castro-worshippers behind attack on Bolton

This John Bolton confirmation is apparently a big thing. And today’s Robert Novak column asserts it is all about Cuba. Here is what is going on:

Bianca’s discarded boyfriend, Senator Chris Dodd, who was last seen defending fidel’s mini-me, is back in action trying to scupper John Bolton’s appointment to the United Nations. There’s been a lot of talk flitting around about Bolton not being “nice” enough to be a UN envoy, and The Washington Post is upset that his mustache doesn’t match his hair, but what’s really going on is Dodd objects to Bolton’s tough stance on castro.

Who is Dodd? Why, an an olde-tyme castro-worshipper who’s since spread the luv to the likes of slimey Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, as well as brutal Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. He’s the Original Sandalista. And the aging Senate Sandalista can’t stop himself.

Now, with hardass anti-castro John Bolton poised for the top UN job, Dodd’s unnatural love for castro puts him in full attack mode. For the sake of castro. He knows his beloved barbudo will be threatened by the un-rollable Bolton.

Novak writes:

The anti-Bolton campaign is about far more than the nominee’s sometimes prickly personality. Senate Democrats, with clandestine support from State Department and CIA careerists, wage war on foes of normalizing relations with Castro’s Cuba.

Novak also reports that Cuban-American ex-official, Otto Reich, has unexpectedly come to Congress to fight for Bolton. He has good reason. He knows that Bolton has been nothing but nail soup for Cuba’s monstrous dictator. At Congress, Reich stood up against shoddy CIA analysis that repeatedly says castro is just a harmless old eccentric with a beard and neither the national security threat to us nor the bloodsoaked tyrant to Cubans that he is in reality. Novak says the current struggle over Bolton is not about his personality but about whether castro should be destroyed or not. He writes:

Cuba is the theme that runs through the ordeal of John Bolton. The Dodd-O’Connell team’s indictment of Bolton is based on taking issue with his accusations that Castro is building a biological warfare capability. …

A few Republican senators appear really to accept the fiction that they are jurors in a fair trial who should slowly make up their minds about Bolton. In truth, the Democrats are in a full attack mode, while their staffers try to collect ammunition. Otto Reich performed another selfless service in showing up and trying to expose the sham.

I had no idea. Let’s hope Bolton gets through. Somebody out there needs to crush castro.

7 thoughts on “castro-worshippers behind attack on Bolton”

  1. Aren’t they a foul crew? They show up again and again, utterly bereft of ideas, utterly determined to destroy Latin America and its friends. I think Dodd is behind the anti-Cafta effort and trust you me, that Tony Saca of El Salvador is gonna get in his face. Tony knows the score. That guy hates castro and he is GOOD!

  2. Perhaps Bolton should ask Posada-Carriles to do some of his dirty work against these Democrats.

    Everyone in this blog is so obsessed with Fidel, yet you offer no alternatives. Oh, that’s right, let’s make Cuba the 51st state. Jeeezzz

  3. Look jackass, this isn’t Venezuela. Have you been reading the blog? There is a Cuban civil society ALTERNATIVE that is forming right before your eyes. And you, being castro’s agent, damn well know it. That’s why you’re here. You’re the flame troll patrol. You’ve been crawling out of the woodwork everywhere. Now you make sarcastic talk about Posada Carriles because you haven’t got a damn thing to add. Beat it.

  4. All I’m saying is that I keep reading nothing but negative comments here. Eleven million people could overthrow a government if it was that bad.

    Let see.. besides Posada, a Nuevo Herald article reports that Mas-Canosa was also a terrorist. Didn’t Bush say something about a state that harbors terrorists IS a state that SPONSORS terrorism?

    Should this is the kid of people some of you rather see running Cuba, then stay were you are. Eleven million Cubans dislike you.

  5. Eleven million people could overthrow a government if it was that bad.

    So why didn’t several million more Russians throw off the Soviet Union? More than a billion Chinese?

    The Iranians, the Iraqis themselves (in 91), ad infinitum.

    Sometimes people just don’t have the opportunity, ability or even the will to tear the whole rotten thing down. Don’t try to sell us the BS “they actually like the gun poking into their back!” line.

  6. Okay mBennet,
    Just because USA thinks something or someone is bad, doesn’t mean every other human thinks the same.
    Smart and rational people think that if 40+ years of planning (the overthrow) hasn’t produced a plan, then is time to change strategy. Most often dialogue tends to be much more productive; why not give it a try? $$$$$$$$$$$$$

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