T minus 5 days

And counting…

Well folks, this is the last full day to take care of all the loose ends left for Cuba Nostalgia. The frame my dad made me has been erected, pre-drilled and prepped for easy installation at the convention center. The banners for the frame will be ready Monday. I have five laptops here ready to rock and roll. I have a box of excellent videos and documentaries courtesy of Agustin Blazquez and a short screeniing copy of “Ninety Miles”, a film by Quincy Perkins about the plight of a Cuban rafter. I have about 10 posts already started and ready to go. Reader and good friend Miguel brought over 4 boxes of Babalu Tshirts That I will post about tomorrow and hopefully sell a few over the net to help offset the costs. All my tools and miscellaneous equipment are ready and accounted for.

Right now, there are 2 beer butt chickens in the smoker with two more coming in a bit that Steve is bringing over. Im having everyone that’s helping out during the convention come over to ManCamp today to nail down and coordinate schedules and everything else. I want to make sure we are all on the same page when the convention begins.

Starting tomorrow I will be in super frantic convention setup mode. Everything has to be set up and ready by Thursday at 4 PM. Just thinking about everything that has yet to be done wears me out.

This is gonna be so cool.

4 thoughts on “T minus 5 days”

  1. Val,
    Any other banner or graphics that I can help you with?
    Anything that I can do from up here?
    Let me know!

  2. Val, you’re getting it done! Running on all six cylinders. Five days early! This is so cool! My fingers are crossed it will all go smoothly. You’re a real racecar of organization!

  3. Missed some of the previous convention prep comments; sorry if this is redundant or already been addressed. Do you have lock-down gadgets for the laptops? You don’t want any of them disappearing or accidentally getting knocked off the table.

    Good luck setting up and have an awesome weekend!

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