Cuban civil society delegates abused

Our friend Stefania in Sardinia, Italy warns us that castro’s thugs have begun abusing Cuba’s civil society delegates, several days before this milestone event starts.

castro’s sinverguenzas have gone after two independent journos who intend (or intended) to be at the event, Carlos Serpa Maceira and Adel Lopez Napolez, detaining them on the Isle of Youth. They’ve also gone after the wife of an Assembly member. Both incidents are related to the May 20 event.

This civil society assembly is one thing castro cannot stand for. It’s too subversive, too contrary to his twisted values of oppression, ruin and indignity. Free men and women associating freely to decide for themselves how they will live their lives is too much for his tyanny to handle. It’s capable of breaking it, this is the power of the human spirit.

castro’s brutes are on the march. We must to step up the campaign to offer these brave people as much support as possible. This is real. You can help here, here, here and here.

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    Our good friend blogger Stefania in faraway Sardinia alerts us that Cuba’s brave civil society delegates, seeking to forge a free Cuba out of the ruins of Castroism, in a conference this week, are now being abused by Castro’s goons. My writeup on Babal…

  2. I think that the tyranny is just preparing a trap to jail the highest possible amount of people and start some sort of international circus, with the help of the sandalistas… Wait and see, cagastro is probably preparing some blow.
    I can see a connection between cagastro and the leftist press, as he did with in his intervention. But I am sure that he engineered the Newsweek affair in order to create problems and to try to inflict a defeat to the American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq using the terrorists as his proxy. Also, he is interested in unstabilizing the oil markets to benefit el Mico so by creating political turmoil and disaster in the Muslim countries that produce the oil whe benefits el Mico and pockets a good deal of money.
    I would not be surprised if Babalu and other blogs are momentarily visible in Cuba again. That’s a typical technique already used with Radio Marti, to eliminate the interference and then arrest everybody that was caught listening. The blog is a more formidable weapon against the tyranny because people could potentially write as well. If they haven’t done it yet is because of the climate of fear or maybe they wrote, but the messages has been intercepted.
    My sources asked me once if they could write in Spanish and I said yes. A few days after that, they reported that the blog was blocked.
    (I think that I am commenting on the following post as well here)
    Cagastro has read continously the New York Times. It’s send to Cuba by Sandra Levinson of the Institute for Cuban Studies in NYC a front for the G2 ( also front as a cultural organization that is designed to promote the regime in NYC. Estela Bravo is strongly vinculated to that organization that has all the markings proper of a terror front.
    They are known for sending “fact finding missions” to Cuba which are in reality press safaris with the finality of providing a propaganda outlet for the regime of cagastro.
    This is only one of his fronts, and the New York Times is an integral part of his propaganda machine in the US.

  3. The “Departmento America” of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party is the actual director of the Sandra Levinson fronted outfit in NYC. They are in charge of the castroist propaganda in the US and in other countries of the continet. But there’s a special division that works directly on US-addressed propaganda issues: articles, “art and movies”, travels, conferences, etc…
    They have been known for supporting and conforting all sort of terror groups and radical left gangs.

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