3 thoughts on “The trees are bare.”

  1. I was telling another journo last week that I doubted the veracity of this story and he said ‘so you accuse Newsweek, totally without foundation, of fabricating…’ and you get the picture. I told my pal that I KNEW enough people at Newsweek on their Iraq beat to have formed the impression that they play fast and loose with the facts. I have enough email from my class listserv from Newsweekers to prove that they don’t care about reporting the truth, only about making Bush look as bad as they can paint him. Well, it turns out I was right.

  2. I am shocked, shocked, to find out about this story! I used Michelle Malkin’s line this morning (“Newsweek lied, people died”) with one of my Klinton Kool-aid drinking co-workers and he said that, of course, it was not necessarily wrong what had been reported. Of course, with no proof at all save for one source, it is not the facts, but the seriousness of the allegation — true or not — that is reported.

    I haven’t trusted the MSM for almost two decades. They just get worse, and worse, and more brazen in their partisanship. In this instance, the criminal negligence is obvious. Will they be brought to account for the dead? Don’t hold your breath. Isikoff, Newsweek and anyone else that participates in this type of behavior is a traitor, no more no less. They give aid and comfort to our enemies by publishing this stuff. The editor at Newsweek actually justified publishing this crap by saying it had appeared in another publication. Can you guess which? Yup, Al-Jazeera!

    Has American journalism reached its nadir? No, I think they will go even lower than anyone can imagine.

    Joseph Goebbels must be doing snoopy dances in hell…

  3. Hmmm-time for some right-thinking attorney or attorneys to take up the cause of the unfortunates who died in the rioting and go after Newsweek’s deep pockets??? After all, “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” no?

    And how about Newsweek changing its time to the Weekly Pravda-Izvestia, since you can find neither news nor truth inside its pages?

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