Hey, fidel, what about these guys:

Here’s a list of criminals and terrorists and murderers that at one point were all being harbored and abetted by fidel castro in Cuba:

Wanted List by the FBI

This is a list of fugitives that the FBI is sure that are hiding in Cuba. Among them is Robert Vesco, financialist, North American accused of multi-millionaire fraud. Ralph Goodwin, Accused of possession of explosives, and Brian Wilson, a Cuban accused of assassination. The others are charged for piracy highjacking.

Michael Finney(California) [Republic of New Africa, killed a cop in New Mexico]
Ralph Goodwin (Illinois)
Charlie Hill (Maryland) [Republic of New Africa, killed a cop in New Mexico]
James Patterson (Michigan)
William Palm (Missouri)
Theresa Grosso (California)
Clinton Smith (Cuba)
Richard Linares (Cuba)

John Marques (Louisiana)
William Brent (Cuba)
Oreste Bello (Cuba)
Cosme Iglesia (Cuba)
Barbara Alvarez (Cuba)
Ofelia Bernardo (Cuba)
Jose Bernardo Tunon (Cuba)
Ernest Ferrero (Cuba)
Fidel Rego Otano (Cuba)
Vincente Rego Otano (Cuba)

Nacasio Delgado (Cuba)
Miguel Sanchez (Cuba)
Ricardo Coro (Cuba)
Rosalino Rodriguez Cabria (Cuba)
George Wright Virginia
Jose Montero (Cuba)
Hector Ochoa (Cuba)

William Potts (unknown)
Mario Fonseca (Cuba)
Divaldo Rojas Reyes (Cuba)
Wilfredo Oquendo (Cuba)
Eduardo Salgado (Cuba)
Roberto Salgado (Cuba)
Carlos Arias Valdez (Cuba)
Marino Samon (Cuba)
Rolando Cadenas (Cuba)

Silvio Cabrera (Cuba)
Crecencio Zamora (Cuba)
Sergio Rojas (Cuba)
Juan Garcia (Cuba)
Robert Gracial (Cuba)
Ciro Granda (Cuba)
Santiago Guerra Valdez (Cuba)
Patrick Latortue (unknown)
Ramon Delgado (Cuba)
Hector Gonzalez (Cuba)
Victor Gerena (New York) [ Wanted Poster On FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list]
Daniel Abad (Cuba)
Brian Wilson (Cuba)
Joaquin Babin Estrada (Cuba)
Joanne Chesimard (Cuba-United States) [Black Liberation Army, killed a cop in N.J.]
Miguel Aguiar (Cuba)

Rogelio Leyva (Cuba)
Roberto Aguiar (Cuba)
Jose Caballero (Cuba)
Eduardo Jiminez (Colombia)
Gilberto Calero (Cuba)
Ambrosa Montfort (Georgia)

Robert Vesco (Michigan)
Luis Soltren (Puerto Rico)
Catherine Kerkow (Oregon)
Antajares Payano (Dominican Republic)
Ishmael Ali (Virgin Islands) [convicted of multiple murders in the Virgin Islands]
Cheri Dalton (New York)
Miguel Toledo (Cuba)

Nelson Molina (Cuba)
Rafaele Minichiello (Italy)
Felix Coolin (Dominican Republic)
Manuel Vargas Agueros (Cuba)
Armando Diaz La Rossa (Cuba)
Esmeraldo Ramirez Castaneda (Cuba)
Jose Garcia Sanchez (Cuba)

Pedro De Quesada (Cuba)
Rigoberto Gonzalez Sanchez (Cuba)
Ramon Martin (Cuba)
Jesus Armenteros (Cuba)
Gilberto Carrazana Y Gonzalez (unknown)
Donald Rider (North Dakota)
Francis Teroll (New York)

Because if we’re gonna play hollier than thou poker, fidelito, let’s lay all the cards out on the table.

15 thoughts on “Hey, fidel, what about these guys:”

  1. Oh my goodness, what a list, Val! I had no idea it was that long! Not only is he sheltering thugs, he’s holding little Elian (and millions of others) hostage too. He is a complete criminal.

  2. you need to check out maggie’s farm at maggiesfarm.anotherdotcom.com/ and look at The Latin Beat. You are linked often and the situation in Cuba and Venezuela is covered. Situation is ridiculous and the lack of coverage in the MSM is laughable. Good job pointing out Fidel’s inconsistencies. However this is the man who thought he was the Savior Incarnate in 1959 when he marched into Havana at the age of 33 and compared himself to Jesus saving the masses. Who is he kidding?

  3. This should not be a surprise to anyone.
    I didn’t realize the list was so long but there it is.
    We need somehow to launch the same marketing propaganda against this fool. There has to be a way. Wait what am I saying? The media reports or omits what ever the New York Times deams new worthey. Sorry folks had a brain fart. We need to give support to the kids from C.A.U.S.A and inflame the univercity campuses. That’s our only hope, to start dissenfecting the inteligencia in tha same fashion that the marxist infected them.

  4. I would expect the MSM to ignore their boys fidel and hugo, but I’m most upset that the big-name bloggers are ignoring it, too. What will they think when suddenly China buys the Venezualan national oil company (Cities Service in the US) and cuts off the US from 15% of its oil? Such a purchase could have global implications – as I understand it, all of China’s oil is now shipped through the strait where the tsunami struck at Christmastime. Tiawan has submarines that could cut off China’s oil by blockading the strait, should China invade Tiawan. But if China gets oil from Venezuela, blocking the entire Pacific would be impossible for Tiawan. Plus, China and fidel would divide Venezuala as thier own anti-American (the entire continents of the Americas) colony.

  5. I immediately thought of you when I heard the report on the news yesterday. Castro wants us to WHAT? WTF has he done for us lately? Uh-huh. Yeah, that’s what I thought, too.

  6. Who’s the numero uno fugitive? In my book it is the evil bearded one himself, guilty of crimes against humanity. Look at the known numbers:

    Hundreds of thousands imprisioned
    20,400 executed/murdered
    83,000 died at sea attemting to escape to freedom
    10,000 dead Cuban soldiers sent to fight in Africa for Castros solidarty wars
    Two million in exile

    This out of a population of about 11 million. Do the math. My God.

  7. Nothing short of the evil of Hitler or Stalin themselves, Kathleen. You certainly point out the most compelling evidence: THOSE FIGURES IN A COUNTRY OF 11 MILLION INHABITANTS. Dramatic, to say the least.

  8. CB, I pray the bastard reads this blog. Are you looking fidel? Hitler, Stalin, men who personify evil. Nice company you keep. I’m sure God has a special place for you all of you and your collaborators.


  9. Katheleen,
    He surely does read it. Or at least one of his serfs do and print articles, comments, and postings for him…
    That’s why it got blocked in Cuba.

  10. why in god’s name these people arrested Posada Carriles ?
    Are we getting the same treament that we got with redneck clinton ?
    i surely hope not
    cb im with you bro
    what happen to the bastards that shot down american airplanes in international waters ?
    Fuck this is very frustating

  11. Your list is missing El Manco Moralez, separatist character who blew up his arms while mixing a bomb in NY for some cause to spin-off Puerto Rico from the U.S, this individual “escaped” from a NY jail by repelling down the jail house building, some claim he did while having no arms. It looks like the list is also missing other dude from the same or similar group who held up an armoured car in Conn. and hauled off to Cuba with the $$…

  12. And THAT doesn?t even account for the ETAs and IRAs terrorists he has living the grand life in Cuba.
    I only DO hope that the USA will have the COMMON sense of dropping Val’s list on The Beasts desk and ask for reciprocity!

  13. KillCastro, Tocororo, AM, Juan, Kathleen…
    cagastro has supported, conforted, financially assited terror in all possible ways, shapes and forms since day 1.
    All we can do is to press to have the politicians doing the work we pay for with our taxes and lending us an ear.
    This is just amazing!
    cagastro is going to get off the hook without forking anything up front. As always!
    All because he is blackmailing the politicos since the start of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
    It’s hightime for the goverment to take care of that CIA mole gone bad (cagastro) and get rid of him. They helped propping him to power (the NYTimes, and the liberal wing at the CIA, et altri – it was not us ) so they should do something to get him out of power, if possible neatly tucked inside a wooden box!!!!

  14. He does whatever he thinks will be needed to piss off the US, to embarrass the US, to sabotage the foreign policy of the US, to frustrate and corrupt the laws and legal framework of the US, to sabotage American culture and morale and to make the US question its own national interests and goals. And painfully the usefull fools of politicians we have let him to the detriment and aungst of all his present, past and future victims.

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