Assembly News Release


International Support for Assembly Increases

Support and Information Center, Miami, Florida, May 18, 2005, Press Advisory ? 7 PM ?According to a Reuters wire story, Karen Schwarzenberg and Arnold Vaatz, two members of the Czech Parliament are already in Cuba to participate in the May 20th General Meeting of the Assembly to Promote Civil Society in Cuba.

The Information Center has also received a letter from the Radical Party, signed by 10 Italian members of the European Parliament and Senators representing the most important government political and opposition parties in support of Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello, F?lix Bonne Carcass?s and Ren? G?mez Manzano, who head the Assembly to Promote Civil Society in Cuba Executive Group.

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  1. While some delegates are arriving, a couple of Polish legislators arrived at the airport yesterday and were “frog-marched” back onto a plane to Mexico. When they arrived back in Poland, they called for the EU to reimpose sanctions.

  2. I can’t figure why the American public isn’t supporting this in full force. These people will do anything to keep from pissing castro off. It’s shamefull that the EU is supporting this and 90 miles away we still have 22 congressment whoo do not support this event. Thank you tho our Czech, and Italian Brothers and sisters.

    Viva Cuba Libre.

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