Cuba Nostalgia Rocking and Rolling

Ok folks, this is the culmination of weeks and week of work and many people coming together and busting their behinds for a common cause.

All is set up at the booth and we’re ready or the crowds. Webcams will be up shortl.

Ace reporter Julio Zangroniz is here with me, having flown down from Maryland just for the occassion. Look for lots of great pictures and excellent interviews ith the convention exhibitors.

Keep coming back as we will begin live blogging and updating continuously as the convention progresses.

Needless to say, I have a bit of a hangover as last nights pre-opening bash was sponsored by Bacardi. Mojitos, mojitos and more mojitos.

Test webcam.

Test webcam booth.

18 thoughts on “Cuba Nostalgia Rocking and Rolling”

  1. Val, te deseo gran ?xito en este esfuerzo – la comunidad Cubana en Cuba y en el exilio nos sentimos muy orgullosos de ti y de Maggie. Un fuerte abrazo. Celsa

  2. Val-
    I am so excited that this is finally coming true! Have at least 2 mojitos for me, and dance at least once. Make sure that ace reporter Julio is nearby so he can document the whole thing-I’m sure we’d all love to see Sr. Babalu breakin’ it down!

    Que viva Cuba Libre!

  3. ??OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… QUE BLOGUEO! Co?o compa’, como quiero estar ahi. Bueno, est?s acabando Val… y asere… TE LA COMISTES BRO!!!!!!

  4. I get all misty eyed at these moments:
    Val man, what the fuck can anyone say? WHAT A JOB ! CONGRATULATIONS just doesnt quite capture it, “eres un pinguo” i think gets closer.

    The cams are working fine. What is that church like thing on the outside webcam ?
    And the pretty brunette in the inside booth ? your partner in arms, heart & spirit ?

  5. Cuba Nostalgia

    This weekend many — like those of us who love where we live now but still recall with with great fondness a place that was our home long ago — will be celebrating those memories again this year at the Cuba Nostalgia Convention in Miami.


    Val Prieto has got a party and revolution going over at Babalu blog with the twin Cuban Nostalgia Festival and the Assembly for Civil Society simultaneously happening. It may sound farfetched but they are closely related. The nostalgia festival is Cuba…

  7. For Cuba… Eating My Own Blogfood

    Val of Babalublog is doing the Cuba Nostalgia Convention.

    I don’t just make swag Val likes… I buy it.

    The mug with the red logo says “Rebel Without A Clue”.

    Available here.

    If I can sell enough, I’ll get to go to ManCamp and hang …

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