Cuba Nostalgia, Day 3 – Volunteer Edition

Well, I am back at Cuba Nostalgia helping Val, Robert, Maggie, Steve, Julio, Amanda, et al fight the forces of the Dark Side (fidel). I had planned to work eight hours yesterday and it turned into fourteen. Non-stop people came by our booth all day. When I was leaving I discovered that I had boneheadedly left the lights on in my car and had to wait for a tow truck to give me a jump. I arrived home after 1:30 AM. Needless to say I am a little fried…

It was a very busy day with the “email fidel” workstations getting a workout. Val will be posting these later tonight or tomorrow. I urge all of you to read these amazing documents, short and pithy though they are, so that you can get a flavor of what the exile community has held in for forty six years. One of the recurring questions the people asked me as they walked to the workstation was “can I use bad words?” or “can I say anything I want?” My reply was simple: say whatever you need to say: NO CENSORSHIP. Time and again that green light led to the writer’s catharsis that was visible on their faces when they pressed the send key: smiles, giddy laughter, joy. They stuck their finger in fidel’s eye, albeit virtually.

If you are in Miami, come by to the show and say hi. You will learn a lot about us just by walking the two buildings that house the exhibits.