Cuba Nostalgia was a great experience

I am taking a line from National Review’s The Corner and claiming:


All kidding aside, I want to thank Val and Maggie for the opportunity to help them at Cuba Nostalgia this weekend. It was wonderful working with them and Ace Reporter Julio, Steve H., Robert, Amanda, and Efrain. Although I am very tired, it was well worth it. The exile community in Miami is fighting the good fight, fighting for what is right. Val and his crew here at Babalu counter the lies that the mainstream media and fifth column politicians spew on a daily basis about fidel and his murderous regime.

My greatest impression at the show was the visceral hatred the folks have for fidel and for what he has done to this wonderful country. Forty six years of suffering is not easily forgotten, folks. Forgive us for still being a little pissed off. Val is going to publish the emails that were sent to fidel sometime later this week. I want to relate one short story, however, about one of these that sat down and emailed him.

A little girl and her grandmother came by and asked about the emails. I explained all they had to do. The grandmother told me that her daughter was in the service and away on duty and that she was taking care of her granddaughter. She told me the story of how her dad (the little girl’s great-grandfather) was executed in 1963 by fidel and his gang. I did not get into the particulars but we all pretty much know the drill: he opposed fidel and was caught and executed like many other thousands of patriots. The little girl, all the while, was sitting at the keyboard writing. When she told me she was finished, I went over to press the send key. I read the first line of her email:

“fidel, asesino, me matastes a mi abuelito.” (“fidel, murderer, you killed my grandpa.”)

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, how can you defend a regime like this? How can you allow lies about this murderer, this butcher, this modern day Hitler and Stalin and Mao combined, and his minions (including that great humanitarian, che) to go unchallenged? It is up to you to tell the truth and you’re just not doing it! The more you cover up, the more you are complicit in the activities of this monster, and the more innocent blood is on your hands. So, I pose a simple question and a challenge to those who still sit on the fence on this issue:

When will you go down the righteous path and speak truth to power?

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  1. Val and all involved,

    I stopped by the booth with my mom Saturday afternoon and was very impressed with the effort and your obvious hard work.

    Although I may not agree with the methods you espouse I do respect your dedication.


  2. Unfortunately, we live in a world where idealogy weighs more than reality. And thus, no matter how evil fidel is, and corrupt Cuba has become, because he espouses an idealogy contrary to the US (which is the envy and scorn of many countries in the world), he is therefore supported/tolerated by many of the worlds leaders.

    Our hope for truth lies within Cuba. With people like Beatrice Roca, Oswaldo Paya, Vladamiro Roque, and countless others Cubans who are ostinada con la mierda de la revolucion and are finally speaking out.

    Our hope for truth also lies in us. As the world remains silent, we are a people who believe in freedom and refuse to remain silent contra esta ola de ignorancia que est? ahogado Cuba.

  3. I find it odd that in a country where the average citizen is said to make no more than $20 a month, these “dissidents” were able to obtain all the financial and logistics needed for the event.

    “Our hope for truth lies within Cuba”
    Indeed, and not from the lies emanating from without.

  4. The dissident movement gets lots of support from outside Cuba. There are people (not enough of them, sadly) who care about the plight of the dissidents in Cuba, just like there were those of us who supported the dissidents in the USSR and its satellites, and who support the dissidents in Red China today.

    Barba Blanca, you must be one of the filthy little infiltrators fidel has sent to this country to broadcast disinformation. You’re just doing the bidding of your pathetic fascist master by spewing his dirty lies. Why don’t you crawl back into the slimy black hole in hell you both came from.

  5. Barba Blanca,
    For your information, since you are so keenly interested about dissident finances, let me tell you about one family that spent the *entire weekend* of CubaNostalgia manning one table, on space freely provided to them by the El Encanto people, to sell t-shirts in order to raise funds for the reunion of dissidents in Cuba.
    One man, an older, very respectable grandfather type, nearly hugged me as he thanked me with tears in his eyes when I made a purchase on behalf of a bunch of friends.
    When I asked him for more details of what they were doing, he told me specifically what the money was going to be used for, such as the purchase of chairs and other supplies that were in use at that very moment by those brave folks challenging “the most democratic government in the world” down in Cuba.
    A government that not only forces those dissidents into unemployment, but also forbid them from launching any sort of entrepreneurial effort to help themselves –therefore they must rely on support from those of us in exile.
    I have photographs of that man and his family at CubaNostalgia, as well as more details for a longer report that I hope to send to Val for publication in
    I hope that you will read it and set aside your cynicism and stop questioning the motives of folks fighting for their freedom. And also that you stop raising your voice in support of our oppressors.
    Are you sure you are not really Barba Roja?
    –Julio C. Zangroniz

    Nothing that is, unless it is a cop killer on Death Row in the U.S. In the Black Book of Communism, p.664, they estimate that Fidel’s toll has exceeded 15,000 deaths by firing squad.
    Why is it, for example, that every time one of our Liberal newspapers mentions Gen. Pinochet, they give the total of missing persons during his rule of Chile, but never once have I seen such a thing after Fidel’s name. Why? Newsweek, The New York papers, the LA Times, etc.? Why?
    Name one thing that Castro has actually accomplished? The truth is that if it were not for the foreign capitalists who have financed and operated the hotels and shops in the Tourist Zone, there would be literally no jobs for most Cubans, no money to run the government, and poverty and disease would have devastated the Island. Not that it is not widespread, but can you imagine what it would be like without Capitalism, even in one small sector? The strving people would be roasting Castro on a spit…
    But then where that evil cockroach is headed one day, he’ll be roasting anyway.

  7. barba balnca:
    I am a Cuban born in exile and I wonder as a sit here thinking on how my heritage has been stolen from me and my children, what lies you are referring to.

    Do you say that over 15,000 people were not executed without a trial? Or maybe people like Armando Valladares and the rest of the “Plantados” did not suffer for decades under castro’s penal system?
    Are you talking about the lies that these people and countless others were in prison and concentrations camps where systematic tortures were mandated by the government? Oh, possibly you’re talking about the lie that people’s personal property and homes were stolen by castro and his elves.

    You have made a statement, now back it up. This is an open forum and a good lesson for you in democracy. Maybe you should pass this along to fidel. Cuba must be liberated from every vantage point especially from the people inside the island prison, the international community and its very capable people in exile.

    Fools like you only understand brutality, and the arrogance that a leader is the only one capable of fostering his people, reduces the population into a bunch incompetent fool. Cubans have never been incompetent at anything evidenced by the fact that we are successful everywhere we end up. Check you history pal and not the one that fidel taught you.

  8. As Zangroniz said, these “dissidents” do receive support from outside Cuba. Hence, a foreign entity is assisting them in plotting to change their government. Even in “the garden of eden (aka USA)” this is called treason, punishable by death.

    My whole argument is that it is up to the Cuban people to bring whatever change they so desire to the island; not a foreign government.

    Experience tells me that too many within the exile community are interested in anything but their pockets. To them, the word “democracy” is a simple code word for economic control, greed.
    Better results can be accomplished through honest dialogue.

  9. barba blanca:

    are you Cuban? Where do you get your information? There is no plot to overthrough the government there is an international plot to bring democracy to a country that has systematically violated the rights of everyone of its citezens.

    I would consider stealing a government and subjecting its people to their encarceration and murder, treason. WOrst yet it is treason against humanity. You appear to be one of those people that thinks that people are subjects of the government rather than the government being a servant to its people, a very foolish notion. You know very well that any opposition to the castro government is a death sentance, that is not treason that is democracy in action. Therefore, international intervention is necessary in order to bring the restoration of human rights. Cuba, for your information, had higher standard of living than most of the countries in the world. Now it is as poor as Haiti. The litracy rate in CUba was higher than that of the US and every body got healthcare. This was before castro, look it up un the UN statistics. All of the figures that castro invented are just that, inventions of a twisted psychopath.

    fidel has commited countless crimes against humanity. The exile comunity is not all about money, its about going home. It is against any legal system to confiscate property without due process. I doubt very seriously that the people that had thier property stolen obtained it through ilegal means. That would be impossible.

    ANd as for what is considered treason in the “Garden of Eaden”, you are mistaken sir. Treason here begins with selling government secrets. Many organizations that do not find favor with our government send money to support its views and no one goes to jail. In fact there would have to be a trail, something that does not happen in Cuba.

    You still have not supported your argument with any substance.

  10. “Honest dialogue” from fidel castro’s regime?





    Oh man!!!! That’s the funniest thing Ive read all week.

  11. barba blanca… or should I pendejo blanco.

    You say this:

    “My whole argument is that it is up to the Cuban people to bring whatever change they so desire to the island; not a foreign government.

    Experience tells me that too many within the exile community are interested in anything but their pockets.”

    The exile community, you freaking moran, are Cuban and are not a forgeign government. And I assure you that Fidel has f^cked up Cuba so much that there is no equitable finacial future for at least another 10-20 something years after he falls.

    What we want is freedom for our people, for our land, our history and our heritage. Why would the exile community look for money outside of your so called “garden of eden?”

  12. Only those who stand against the revolution will suffer.

    The mafia in Miami continues to feed Washington logistics that they have no clue about while living their imperialist lives away from Cuba, experts they are not.

    It will not be the traitors found in America that are at risk from prosectuion,just the dissidents.

    La revolucion esta mas verde hoy que nunca, viva La Revolucion,Viva Fidel!

  13. Oselvio, what a name man, you’ve gotta be a seguroso to have such a fucking ugly name!
    Hey, you’re the living proof that Babalublog can be read in Cuba… you suckers are probably after a lot of people for reading it. Lo que hace el miedo, comemierda.
    Bueno, what do you want to me to tell you asshole?
    A G2 goon coming to Babalu to cry… Go back to your hole, little piece of shit.

  14. Hey, si tu, saco de tarros…. Oselvio el mala cama…
    Where the hey did you get that translation program that puts all your babbling like if it had been burped by cagastro el cagalitroso or Osama Bin Laden?
    Go crank up your rice cooker man, if you have rice, because cojones you don’t have a whole lot.
    Did you guess already how many of us are writing from inside Cuba little asshole?
    You segurosos have to be going nuts with all of this… By the way, did you read the e-mails to cagastro cagalon? I hope the old bastard didn’t kick you that hard, he’s got a temper.
    Sigue oliendole los peos a cagastro, saco de tarros, or go listen to him in his next five hours speech, special for motherfucking idiots like you!

  15. let me tell you what i remember of the early cuba nostalgia and why i no longer go.. it was the second or third year, at the grove center.. there was a kiosk selling caps, shirts, bathrobes, etc from the “big 5” country clubs, from the “golden days” when cuba was “paradise” and there was no repression, unless you werent a card carrying member of the clubs, and well, if you werent a member, you just really didnt count.. anyways, here they are selling it to the general public, and an older lady says to one of the people running the booth “pero mijita, tu me quieres dicer que cualquier puede comprar esto? no no mija eso no puede ser, eso deve ser solamente para lo que eran miembros” in other words, she was miffed that they were selling to just anyone, and that only “members” should have the privilage of buying and wearing the sacred emblems.. and see, thats the problem.. that is the REASON why she had to go to cuba nostalgia to see the hallowed linens.. elitest attitudes like that is what got her and her family running like roaches when you turn on the lights..

  16. sorry just wanted to repost with the correct email, dont want anyone thinking i was afraid to post it..

  17. Daniel, you are going to base your experience on one vieja lijosa who made an ass of herself with that statement? You should have gone this year so you would have seen the joy in people’s faces when they emailed the SOB-MF in Cuba. Too bad you are so narrow-minded and so ready to discard the 95% of the people who truly want freedom in Cuba. By the way, your calling her a “roach” shows whose side you are on, my little red friend.

  18. Oselvio,

    “Only those who stand against the revolution will suffer.”

    Mira muchacho la revolution es una MIERDA. Y no hay mas que dicir. ?Que mas quiere, que me limpio mi culo para ense?arse como son iguales? Co?o. Y si no me crees, sacase la cabeza suya por la ventana y adivinase el olor.

    “The mafia in Miami continues to feed Washington logistics that they have no clue about while living their imperialist lives away from Cuba, experts they are not.”

    Dejate de la mierda, la “miami mafia” no existe. Eso son escusas departe del gran mariconson fidel para seguir jodiendo la isla. Que s? exisiste hermano, es la comemierderia de Vd.

    “It will not be the traitors found in America that are at risk from prosectuion, just the dissidents.”


    “La revolucion esta mas verde hoy que nunca, viva La Revolucion,Viva Fidel!”

    Limpio mi culo con la revolucion, con fidel, y con su madre. Pa carajo.

  19. george
    you are an example of what i am talking about, calling me red.. i happen to be a registered republican, so maybe thats what you ment, but i feel it has to do with the “communist” aspect of the color.. in case you didnt know, communism is an ECONOMIC system, and i do not subscribe to it, i think capitalism, though not perfect, is a sound system.. i called her, and her specifically, a roach, because her comments show that she believes that her membership places her above the rest, and that only those who were members should have the “privilage” of wearing the emblems.. you also say it “shows” which side i am on.. wrong again.. i am on the side of a free cuba, but one free of influence from those who wish to exploit the situation for their own benifit.. i would like nothing more than to wake up and hear on the news that castro has left power, but i dont want the future to include further suffering because of those who are there with ulterior motives..

  20. Daniel, with all due respect, you are full of shit. If you are a registered Republican then I am ashamed my party has such an ignoramus as a member.

    Let’s begin with your idiotic definition of communism, shall we? “Communism is an ECONOMIC system.” Who was your history teacher in college: Howard Zinn or Noam Chomsky? You are going to sit there and tell me with a straight face that, after almost a century of experience with communist rule in all parts of the world with over 100 million dead, with cults of personality in Cuba, the USSR, Cambodia, North Korea, Romania, etc., that communism is just an “economic” system?! Friend, you need to read; you need to read A LOT. You are woefully uninformed. Read Robert Conquest, Solzhenitsyn, Sakharov; read Churchill?s warnings about communism in the 1920s, read Valladares, read everything written by its victims, NOT its blind idolators.

    Communism IS NOT an economic system. That is what they tell people; some idiots actually buy that line of crap. Communism?s primary and sole purpose is control and power. Social control, economic control, political control, military control, over everyone and everything. The raw exercise of violent terror against the citizens who refuse to obey is how they maintain that control. THAT, my ignorant friend, is what communism is. It is not just about economic redistribution as some would have us believe. The guys at the top live pretty damn well! I mean, uncle fidel is worth a half-billion bucks! Did he earn that or was it redistributed into his bank account from what he stole. And, please, don?t give me any of this command economy vs. market economy crap. The victims of communism matter too much to be insulted with such juvenile platitudes.

    Now, you take me to task because I said you were a ?red? for calling that lady a ?roach.? If I had heard and seen that lady do what she did I would have been equally as pissed as you. The difference is that my contempt for her action would have been personal; you, like a good brainwashed red, ascribed a socio-economic aspect to her statement. That shows a very ?pink? attitude in your views vis-?-vis wealth. That, my friend, is NOT what a capitalist thinks. I would call her a comemierda lijosa but I would never say something as ridiculous as what you said. That shit goes on right here! It goes on everywhere! It is human nature. Don?t you thinks the Soviet apparatchiks with their dachas looked down on the unworthy masses in the USSR? Do you think uncle fidel, with his half-billion bucks actually cares about his people?

    You keep mentioning these mysterious ?ulterior motives? that can cause ?further suffering?? Can you educate us on what these are, please? ?Cause I sure don?t have any. I don?t plan to live in Cuba after fidel DIES (cute, that you say ?left the island? and not ?dead?). What are my ulterior motives? Can you tell me?

    As to ?further suffering?? Have you seen what Cuba is like today after 46 years of this monster?s rule? Do you really think that an exile community would go there and do worse than fidel?! Daniel, you are a sad, brainwashed little red. I know that ticks you off but it?s the sad fact. You may not even know it now, but you are. Keep pretending you are a Republican if you wish, but your words speak volumes about who you are and who you have contempt for: the vieja lijosa and her linens pisses you off more than fidel and his murderers.

  21. lets call a spade a spade, communism is an economic system
    totalitarianism is more the line of control and power that you describe.. i have read solhenitzen, and day in the life of ivan desinovich is among my favorite books.. i have also listened to vystotsky, and enjoy his style of music, and just the same can listen to silvio rodriguez and his toungue in castros ass brand of music.. his lyrics may turn your stomach, but tht man can sing, compose, and is eloquent even if his words sctahe you.. i have read contra toda esperanza in english and spanish.. i read huber matos book, and oppnheimer book, what was it? castros final hour?? that book is what? 10 years old now? mighty long hour.. i have read marx and engles, have read jefferson and lincoln and marti (what was that he wrote about the belly of the beast?).. i dont subscribe to one party line and toe it unconditionally.. as for the “mysterious” suffering and ulterior motives, who is being ignorant now? perhaps youve never encountered them, but there are those who are licking their chops for the “paredon” that they plan to execute (no pun intended) in a post castro democratic cuba.. there are those who plan to attempt to move the system over night to a free market system (yes, eventually, this is ideal, but not over night) and fill their coffers.. why is it that you feel one cannot oppose fidel, and oppose the very same causes that led him to power? i have the very same contempt for castro that i have for the far right hard liners.. BOTH are EQUALLY responsible for the situation today.. neither one is willing to waver on their stance.. im not saying sit down for pastelitos and cafecitos, but, la misma cataleta is tired, outplayed, and io have 46 years that say it has been fruitless.. frustrated? not i.. im not the one that crys at noche buena saying el proximo ano en cuba.. im not the one who gets upset when people excercise freedoms in this country.. i dont try to impede people from buying or listening or traveling or sending care packages to whoever they wish to.. as far as fidel “leaving” or “dead”, is that what you are after? his death? so you want to be a murderer, just like him right? you know i wonder, for the sake of the argument, if raul and fidel got up one day and said “we will leave power, today, forever, we will turn ourselves at the gates of guantanamo for a life sentence, but there will be no reprisals” would you agree to it? you get what you want, castro out, or is it his life, and not the liberty of the cuban people you are after? that is part of the hypocrisy i talk about.. you took it pretty personally towards me and i never once directed a snide comment your way, but it seems to be the way it is with the hardline cubans in miami.. you say you are embarassed that i am a republican? i am embarassed the way a small but very vocal element of the cuban community makes the rest of us seem like idiots who cant accept free speech and the exchange of ideas.. the mantra has always been “castro oppresses speech and views in cuba” well you know what, like it or lump it you better learn to accept it because that is the system they have.. i EXPECT castro to oppress views, but i dont expect it to happen in the united states.. and you cant seem to separate the issues.. i do not like castro, i dont agree with him, but i dont feel the hard line has accomplished anything.. i got 46 years of oppression to prove that it hasnt worked, what do you got?

  22. Daniel, you did not answer any of the questions I posed to you in my previous comment. I’ll make one comment for now and I’ll post the rest later tonight.

    If we are so bad, and if we are so much like fidel as you say, then why in the fuck is Val letting you post your stupid opinions for all to see? Would fidel do the same? This moral equivalence garbage is old. Very old.

    I called you a “red” on purpose but it is not a personal attack. Read your words. Your words are not those of someone who wants REAL freedom for Cuba; your words are the words the regime uses with its useful idiots here in the states to demonize us! Every comment you have posted parrots of some line straight from Alarc?n’s office! It’s like I’m hearing the idiots in the MSM for the last twenty-five years: “Dialogue good,” “exiles bad,” “exiles as bad as fidel,” “the exiles are a mafia.”

    Your opinions have gotten redder and redder and redder! Jesus, dude. You are doing Castro’s disinformation work for him. If you’re a Cuban American, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  23. so, daniel, let me ask you a question then, WHAT DO YOU GOT?

    other than an obviously disdain for your fellow cubans in exile, I mean, what do YOU BRING TO THE TABLE OTHER THAN BITCHING AND MOANING.

    Come one, give us the solution.

    Lift the embargo? Ok. How? How do you go about it? How do you make sure that all that American wealth injected into the island reaches those that need it and not the government? How do you plan on policing that?

    Who would you deal with? fidel? raul? alarcon?

    If even most of the dissidents – with the sole exception of Paya – agree that lifting the embargo would be detrimental to their pusuit of freedoms, why even contemplate it?

    Simply because you despise the hard line exile community?

    Le ronca man. No hay peor ciego que el que no quiera ver.

  24. Val – I might be wrong but I am pretty sure even Paya wants the embargo in place. The views of these people inside Cuba, who must take the worst no matter what the bearded thug decides for them – I am so on their side about this! Even though it does not agree with my generally free market views, if they think that is the best thing, then that is the best thing, they know the deal best and that’s all I need to know.

  25. Mora: Uh, yeah… Paya does want the embargo lifted (It’s part of his lets change things by ourselves theory.)

    Daniel: If your going to call a spade a spade, then please know what you’re talking about. Communism is a dreamy fairtale world for the working class (NOT the poor by the way, and NOT an economic NOR a political system). And it’s so far fetched that every communist in the world would agree that it doesn’t exist yet, and that all these countries that are “communist” are actually “in progress” (hence, la Revolution can keep marching and marching and marching…)Now what does exist are various methods and interpretations on how to achieve this would-be-utopia: Leninism, Engelism, Maoism, Marxism, Stalinism and so on, these ARE the political and economic systems that will supposedly would bring about the commie wetdream. The methods that Castro claims to use are that of Lenin and Engels, yet his practice is more like Stalinism -which is something that la Asamblea points out, and the oppression that you mention. In the end, communism is an impossible reality that fidel uses to oppress the people and remain in power.

  26. Oh wait… I just read it… Oselvio is in BROOKLYN!!!!!!!


    Pero como esta gente comen santo y cagan diablo. Mira, move to Cuba Oselvio… where your revolution is greener than ever. And then you’ll see que la verde no viene de la esperanza pero de los uniformes que oprimen la isla.

  27. Hi, I know this is my third post in a row, but the more I read Daniel the more I am inclined to comment.
    I am an AVID reader of Marti (and Varela for that matter), so much so that I almost consider myself a “Martiano” in thought. And so I am compelled to realize that as Daniel mentions:

    “marti (what was that he wrote about the belly of the beast?).”

    That he is just suffering from a the goofy disease of cafeteria intelligence. (the illness where people stand before tons of information and pick small bite size portions that only fit their taste.)

    Well, Daniel, to prove me wrong about this please explain … what was the context of that quote, for what purpose was it written, what is it’s SIGNIFICANCE, and what has Marti said about the EEUU on other occasions. (and source quotes… instead of a paraphrased translations will be appreciated.) For instance, your brief paraphrase was in reference to Marti’s letter written to Manuel Mercado on the 18th of May, 1895 desde el campamento de Dos Rios. And the specific quote you are refering to is: ? Viv? en el monstruo, y le conozco las entra?as: -y mi honda es la de David.?

    I’ll leave you the rest to figure out.

    One hint of slander or offense does not define ones encompassing attitude towards another, nor does it give space to add a third parties own biased position: it’s the broader context that counts. Now, I don’t know if you’re Cuban or not, but at least among Cubans (like here at Babalu) you either quote Marti well or you don’t quote him at all.

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