Emails to fidel

We had two separate laptops set up specifically to send fidel castro emails from the Cuba Nostalgia convention. Literally hundreds of cyber letters were sent to the bearded one during the three days of the event.

Im in the process of going through each one and will be posting them here in the coming weeks.

I thought it appropriate to post the very first one today. It is a part of a quote from a simple man and a great lover of freedom and the ideal of democracy:

Los que le niegan la libertad a otros no se la merecen para si mismos…”

“Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves…”

Abraham Lincoln

Truer words may never have been spoken.

4 thoughts on “Emails to fidel”

  1. The participation of Babalublog in Cuba Nostalgia was a great success Val. The e-mails to cagastro are a valuable document in the history of blogging.
    Congratulations, in my name and in the name of many who cannot write from Cuba, but to whom I sent information during Cuba Nostalgia!
    ABAJO FIDEL is the message that they sent from within the Island.

  2. The man who sent this e-mail proves that being an American has nothing to do with what language you speak, the color of your skin, or the place or status of your birth, but only what is in your heart.

  3. Fidel: ?Por qu? usted ha decidido cortar a la gente cubano apagado del resto del mundo prohibiendo los peri?dicos verdaderos, ley? la radio y la televisi?n, y el Internet? ?Cu?l est? usted asustado?

    Fidel: Why have you decided to cut the Cuban people off from the rest of the world by banning real newspapers, read radio and television, and the internet? What are you afraid of?

  4. Improbulus Maximus :

    Great observation,! That has been a hot topic of discussion with me and several of the Beast?s followers in my visits to Cuba.

    It is….?The Americans? who are at fault….
    WHO? Is this ?American?, they are so fond of blaming for every evil that has ever befallen them?
    Is it Mr. Hong , the Korean dry cleaner owner ?
    Is it Mayling the Chinese restaurant waitress?
    Is it father McFarley?
    Is it Paco the Puerto Rican ?bodega? owner?
    Is it Val from BabaluBlog?
    Is it president of the ?Black Cowboys Association? 3 blocks from my house?
    Is it Rabbi Libbin ?
    WHO IS THIS MYTHICAL AMERICAN? They are so ready to impugnate?
    People from 90+ nationalities died at the World Trade Center massacre.. WHO amongst them is this “American”?

    Then quickly they retort, ?Well it is NOT the people per se, it is the government
    Ah, yes ! ?THE GOVERMERNT?.. That evil government which unlike their beloved despot was elected by the same people I just mentioned above.
    It is kind of amusing how you can see their eyes spin in their sockets as if they were suffering a cultist propaganda short circuit.

    This last of Kastro?s charades was funny ? I WILL SHOW TO THE WORLD DOCUMENTS?.? ?WE ALSO HAVE OUR INTELLIGENCE? ?WE WILL PROVE WITHOUT A SHADOW OF?. Oh shut up you senile old fart, anyone with an internet connection has access to those documents, it is called the ?”The freedom of information act”?. What an evil government we Americans have uh? SO EVIL and sinister, that their deepest most secret information is just there for the asking.
    Of course the concept of ANY kind of FREEDOM would melt the cultist brain to the consistency of baby poo-poo.

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