Me cago en su madre

This past Friday, while I was busy tending to people coming to the Babalu Blog booth at the Cuba Nostalgia Convention, some guy walked into one of my bank’s branches up in Hollywood, Florida. He had a check for $2200 and a deposit slip.

He went up to the teller, made some freindly chit chat, filled out the deposit slip and handed it to the teller. He was depositing the $2200 check and taking out $2000 in cash.

“Depositing” into my bank account. “Withdrawing” from my bank account.

He had a credit card with my name on it and a Florida drivers license with all of my information except with his picture on it.

That’s right. The goon stole my identity and then tried to cash in on it.

The teller realized there was something fishy as the signatures didnt match and when he told the guy to wait a moment, he bailed.

So, right now, some fucktard is walking around with a credit card under my name and using a license with my information on it.

Me cago en su madre. He better hope it’s the cops that catch him.

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  1. Val,
    Why don’t you scan the portrait on the photocopy of the driver’s license that you received from the bank and post it on
    You can easily cover the street address of Mancamp and any other vital details, because we don’t want too much riff-raff getting access to Mancamp –it’s bad enough that one of them got in yesterday!
    If you start spreading his image around the South Florida area, and the world, a lot more good folks will have a better idea of who to look for, and perhaps we can locate the fellow and administer a healthy on-the-spot dose of Cuban-American justice?
    Just a thought!

  2. Julio has a good idea. When I read your post, my paranoia kicked in and I wondered if it was one of fidel’s agents getting even for all those emails. Put this bastard’s face on the internet.

  3. Alert the FBI.
    That motherfucker can very well be a cagastro agent with a mission. Post the license here and ask your blogger friends to disseminate the image.
    cagastro has been know for having forge American documents for a while. That’s the way he finances the move of his agents, with stolen identity. He would not spend a cent of his own cool billion in spying. He rather pay for them with stolen cash from Americans.
    By the way, his computer industry is suspected of producing viruses and hacking software. And that has to be known.

  4. well, at the very least, contact any other banks and your credit card companies, change your account numbers. Put security notices on your credit report at all three companies. If you have one, let your financial advisor know.

    Chances are, this is a run of the mill ID theft, and he got your information through one of the usual channels (stolen documents, etc.) even though it’s possible that it’s something more sinister.

    However, you should act as if it’s just a cheap crook and cover your posterior credit-wise, and THEN call the FBI.

  5. I am in total agreement with Juan and CB. Make his face a known quantity to all. The best way to fight these bastards is to shine the light on them.

  6. I agree with CB…this sounds and smells too “fishy” alert the FBI and post his soon to be mug shot on the web!! Identity theft is like wild fire and those bastards need to be caught!

  7. Sorry guys but you people seem to have Castro on your minds way to much,that is the reason he is still in power if you ask me,way to many people speaking his name on a daily basis,thank God you guys do not speak of Lucifer taking over the Earth.

    What happend to Val isnt a Castro tactic against him,it’s something that plagues many world wide,please stop acting like some James Bond shit is going on against Val,Val may be cool and all but he is worthless as far as Castro is concerned(no offense Val),Castro has bigger fish to fry.

  8. Oye come mierda,

    Just because Val is paranoid doesn’t mean cagastro is not after him….

    My two kilos worth

  9. Val, man this is way too sinister just to be a casual ID theft. ID thieves do not show up at BANKS ! In fact the LAST thing they want to do is for anyone to see their faces.

    And BTW paranoia is a GREAT way of staying alive.
    I totally agree that you should inform the FBI of “possible Kastrist” connection.
    I mean like any other ID theft case the FBI HAS to get involved so why not have them look into that as well?
    Where you indeed given a pic of the forged drivers license?

  10. I couldn’t agree more with Killcastro if I had written his comment myself.
    Besides what he points, and what I had pointed before, there are a few things that one needs to mention:
    Paranoia, a mental condition.
    Instinct of conservation, survival skills, well that’s what we are seeing here. It is what we learn from the jungle that’s today’s Cuba and from interacting with the cagastrista horde that roams torturing and murdering all over the island.
    Modus operandi of a cagastrist agent:
    Create confusion, divide, profit of a situation, spy, kill, steal. All of that can be contained in the actions of a “criminal” who used forged documents in Val’s name. If Val weren’t a public person, of great influence, I would say: contact the authorities and the credit agencies.
    But since Val is a visible head, and a sworn enemy of cagastro, he is also a target for the extraterritorial repression and terrorist activities of the tyranny. That’s why he has to rely on his (and ours)instinct and knowledge and alert the FBI first and foremost, since because of the possible political tint of this “ID Theft” it could be in reality part of a terror conspiracy by the Maximum Terror Kingping, kagastro.
    Maybe the interest was not only to steal from Val. Maybe the interest was to create a paper and electronic trail demonstrating that Val was “for real” at a certain bank when he was “supposedly” at Cuba Nostalgia.
    Never underestimate your enemy. That’s a classic line of all military and intelligence treaties and of any school of martial arts or boxing that respects itself. We are at war with cagastro, our war is ideological and therefore “clean”. Or at least, that’s what the press says. We keep it clean, because we have a gentleman code. cagastro, well boys and girls, that’s another story. He who doesn’t hesitate to drown kids (Towboat March 13) and to send mobs against unarmed women dressed in white and who is responsible for gangsteril attacks and terrorist activities since the forties cannot be trusted or understimated.
    So let’s be careful and hit back as needed.

  11. Let’s play “communist ploy” here for a sec..
    I mean we are all quite aware of the KGB inherited G2 practices.
    Imagine this lil scenario.
    The false Val , sets up a valid personality with a divers license a credit card and a bank deposit (this is where it gets sinister ). The real Val may or may not see the extra 2K in his account. All of a sudden an account is opened on Val’s name at another bank for $20,000 $200,000 (with very solid documentation from already established bank records) and he is totally unaware of this , now some piece of shit like Radio-Miami discloses that Val Prieto is holding a hidden $200,000 bank account at “bank X” or maybe a Swiss bank account. And, where did Val get this money? Could he be working for the State department, CIA? Was his participation on the Nostalgia show a “for profit” appearance? Is Babalu Blog a USA government front?
    The seed of doubt is planted, and Val’s life takes a whole different and unpleasant turn.
    Imagine not disclosing interest on a $200K account on your income tax.
    Not a pleasant lil tax audit.
    Just rent ?The Spanish prisoner? and see how much damage can be inflicted to a man with VERY little trouble.

  12. Kill Castro and CB you guys are awesome!!
    Yeap….Come Mierda…you said it too…and with that name? I got the image. think Castro has bigger fish to fry??? OH NO!!
    HE IS DYING TO FRY ALL OF US!! anything to keep people like Val…Juan…CB and Kill Castro quiet.
    and that my friends…is a “pieza” de mi mente!!

  13. The little voices are the ones that do the MOST damage to The Beast. Think of it as the political version of the Chinese water torture.
    Do you have any idea how many hate emails I have gotten since I started calling Fidelism a “CULT” or refering to Castro as The Beast of Biran ? thousands!. Most of them written in really poor spanish or worse english, making rather rude remarks about my mother and general geneology. So IT DOES hurt them and as long as it does it is QUITE fine with me.
    BTW – You MUST also be careful with those emails who want to get together and meet ya for beer cause they think you are right on ! I trust the BEAST as far as I can throw a HUMMER H3

  14. Great blog, this Babalu Blog….it’s on my daily “read”.

    I want to also thank KC for the link to trace IP numbers. My husband (the marielito) has saved all the weird and questionable email he’s received from the last 5 years. ALL of them came through AOL or Hotmail. With my limited computer knowledge, i assumed they were untraceable. Never assume!

    btw, one came from Brooklyn. Not one came from Cuba. All from the U.S.

    Thanks to all of you for your hard work. The truth shall prevail!…….. Janie

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