Fontova in Miami

Humberto Fontova is in Miami – much to our chagrin as he should have made his publishers bring him down last weekend for the Cuba Nostalgia Convention – and will be appearing for interviews on Ninoska’s show today at 2:00 PM at Radio Mambi and also will be on Maria Elvira Confronta on Channel 22 at 6:30 PM.

He will have a book signing at Books & Books in Coral Gables Sunday at 2:00 PM.

If you havent picked up his lastest book “Fidel: Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant” you should. Not only does he rip the limousine liberal crowd new ones, but it’s a fantastic read. I read mine in one sitting.


If you’re in the Miami area, I urge you to drop by Books & Books on Sunday and show your support.

4 thoughts on “Fontova in Miami”

  1. Val,
    I don’t mean to keep sending phony email addresses as my caution is that my input at this site can harm my status of what I am trying to do in Cuba. Please address the issue that we Cuban-Americans seem to be in denial of and that is that we in the U.S. don’t truly have an embargo against Cuba. We trade with the enemy and I wonder why, if the president is with us, why does he allow it?

  2. In full agreement with embargo – either shut down ANY exports to Cuba or let it open.
    This is a god damn charade that WE Cubans keep loosing.
    Another thing that infuriates me as to the the new “rules and regulations”
    I totally understand the 3 year lapse before going to Cuba , BUT..
    wouldnt a 2 week permit for Cubans to COME to the USA to visit family would’ve been a logical approach to this “family separation bullshit”?
    If I come up with a document that states *I* will personally be responsible for my wife’s mother for 2 weeks and *I* will personally make sure she gets on a plane back to Cuba in 2 weeks ( and people coming with that type os Visa are not entitled to the “Cuban adjeustment law” … wouldnt then the WHOLE family separation blame be dumped straight on the shoulders of the SUMO HIJO DE PUTA ?
    And *I* tell you , it is a LOT more powerful for Cubans in the Island to SEE what the USA is like that for us here to go to Cuba and TELL them what it is like.
    Imagine , THAT propaganda ” Oye mija ese Miami , eso es increible.. que co?o Varadero ni un carajo…. jamon a 95c LA LIBRA ! y esos maKDonals, hay mi madre. que vengan los yankis !”

  3. Not a bad idea, although as it stands now some people can get visas for up to 3 months to visit here from Cuba – of course I realize those are very limited.

  4. I am talking about a QUCKY Visa ” call it a “Humanitarian Visa” with none of the 3 month wait (and NOT everyone qualifies for the visit visa only people over 75 years old get automatically NOW!).
    I am talking someone getting to the US interest section with an affidavit from a relative from the USA that says, I WILL vouch for this person?s stay in the USA for 2 weeks , If they?re not back in 2 weeks I will pay a $100,000 fine.
    Watch the affidavits POUR into Cuba. Now, it becomes KASSRO’s problem to allow those people to leave and accept them them BACK with a TON of comparisions about the life THERE & HERE!. And None of those $600 trips via MARAZUL. Miami – Havana $200 round trip, let Delta do it. None of that White card $100 exit permits, if any of that is demanded by the Castro government deal is off and KASSTRO again declares himself to be the PRICK he is. Again it is indeed a counter-propaganda move BUT … who can now say the Yanks are separating the families?
    It would?ve saved about 200 pages about that nonsense about the “transition document”
    Another proviso , from the moment the Cuban people get the Visa they have 2 weeks for the Cuban government allow them to leave.
    Imagine the lines at MINREX! The USA government HAS taken their Humanitarian responsibilities to the table now let THE SUMO HIJO DE PUTA suffer the consequences.

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