Busting Raul

Cuban writer Carlos Alberto Montaner has a brilliant essay that ran a couple days ago on the political value of busting Raul castro, a famous drug dealer polluting the hemisphere, who now thinks it entitles him to run Cuba after his brother dies.

In the odd reality of global politics today, Montaner argues that being a bloodsoaked tyrant and murderer doesn’t really prevent anyone from assuming power and then moving on to UN cocktail parties.

But being pinned for a drug dealer is something entirely different. Raul is one of those but this fact hasn’t really been pressed as it should be. Every leader who a drug dealer – from Andres Pastrana in Colombia (who got his visa to the U.S. yanked and lost his aid funding) to Manuel Noriega of Panama (who how inhabits a cell in Miami) was unable to sustain the global political heat of being painted a drug dealer.

So, complaining that castro’s wannabe successor, his ugly brother Raul, is a communist and a killer, will do no good.

But showing that he is a drug dealer is the way to burn his chances at making a successful transition after the Beast croaks. I agree.

Montaner is a powerful strategic thinker. Read the whole thing here.

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  1. He is such a bloody criminal and corrupt lowly being that I call him caligula cagastro. The sobriquet applies to him like glove to hand.

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