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  1. Well, unfortunately it is now 78 years too late for a Cuban IUD to have done its necessary job – perhaps not too late for a Venezuelan IED to finish it…

  2. This Venezuelan website is extremely anti-Bush and Anti-American. Some comments posted put Bush and Cagastro in the same category. It’s very offensive.

  3. And Hugo sings

    “Hey Fidel,
    I wanna be your girlfriend…
    Sweet Fidel,
    I wanna be your girlfriend…
    Do you love me, babe?
    What do you say?
    Do you love me, babe?
    What do you say?”

  4. Candy, as an avid reader of Daniel’s blog, I take exception to your assessment of his site. I would never accuse Daniel of being pro-Bush (no one who knows me would accuse me of that either ;->). But jumping from that to Anti-American is a rather long leap. Furthermore, I think that, in your assessment, you may be mixing together his posts with those in his blog’s comments section, which, IMHO, is not fair. Because the Bolibanana Robolution is the latest pet cause of the Pendejos Sin Fronteras, the comments section of Daniel’s blog tends to occasionally (frequently!?) get bombarded with all kinds of garbage from the PSF crowd. But I personally think that his blog, including the comments section, is an excellent source of info on the daily happenings in Venezuela.

  5. Miguel, I agree and I was not addressing Daniel’s posts but the other bloggers. I have worded it incorrectly by saying that “the website is anti-this or that” What I mean is the majority of the people blogging in the comment’s section make very nasty references to the US goverment and also about Americans in general. I’m fairly new at this and only recently have I begun an this intense internet search for the truth about what’s really going on in Cuba and Venezuela. My daughter got me started when she sent me a link to therealcuba.com and I have become an addict to reading and finding more and more info on the subject.

  6. I saw on the televised news this evening (Telemundo – Miami), the U.S. government released documents that purport Luis Posada Carriles discussing an act similar to the Venezulan aircraft incident prior to its occurance. A copy of this document appears on the National Security Archive web site. http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/

    While he is in U.S. custody, seeking asylum, why would they want to assist in releasing information that could potentially harm him even if the even if the ascribed excerpt in the document does not bear any significance?

    It appears as if they are preparing to throw him over board.

  7. Fidel and Chavez are planning no good for anyone in the region. Already Chavez has used the old Fidel trick of letting rumors about health and or coup circulate to see what people of interest do. Fidel is down there, supplying plenty of his secret police goons, don’t forget, to train the up and coming Vz. secret police. Vz. could easily become a well financed Cuba, a gulag with money.
    We need to hope people of good will can prevent this and soon.

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