castro’s lethal medical schools

In castro’s Cuba, you might be a medical student from overseas, and full of high hopes about this “free” education, you might imagine you would benefit from the finest teaching institutions Cuba has to offer. You would be naive, but your expectation would not be unreasonable. After all, it’s not some tribal clinic, it’s medical school.

But for some strange reason in Havana, your medical-school classmates keep dying. Today, another South African medical student, some kid with high hopes of returning to his village in South Africa to be a doctor, lapsed into a coma and died, the fourth of his 400 classmates to suddenly die in Havana. That’s an awfully high death count, higher than South Africa’s mortality rate. But this being castro’s Cuba, we will probably never get the real story. Other than ‘We Never Make Mistakes.’

The medical school, despite being a medical school, had no idea what went wrong when he lapsed into a coma. Or else didn’t have so much as band-aids let alone heart equipment that could have saved the kid. Most likely of all, its communist bureaucrats didn’t care. So, the kid lapsed into a coma and died. It’s doubtful castro will ever admit what really happened but the newest dead body from the medical school says something about the quality of Cuban medical care.

Hazardous to your health.

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  1. Simply suspicious folks…
    The insiders’ rumours in the medical profession in Havana is foul play, maybe those kids knew something, or witnessed something and were inconvenient. Where are the bodies? Was an autopsy conducted? My sources answers is “it’s not known”. Go figure…

  2. Do you have any idea how mad you sound? People die everywhere. It’s a personal tragedy. Please stop trying to make a silly political point out of it. It’s disrespectful to the family.

  3. Bob,

    If I sound mad in a little comment of less than fifty words, it would be interesting to know how cagastro sounds to your ears in a seven hour rambling teaching people how to cook white rice.

    You should agree in this count, four in four hundred is one percent… And one hundred percent of fatalities in a healthy and young student body is to much.

    Besides, cagastro’s regime is the only one being disrespectful to those four families for not revealing the causes of those deaths and for not providing documentation of the illnesses.

    I simply posted here what’s the rumours making the rounds in the medical profession in Havana, where I happen to be well connected.

    Maybe you know something that they don’t know and I offer you the opportunity to say what you know in this venue, for the enlightment of all of us and certainly the enlightment of those South African families which lost young promises in very strange circumstances in a foreing country.

  4. Don’t be stupid, Bob. Four dead 20-year olds out of 400, and all from the best and brightest, is not a statistical probability, even if you live in a village full of mud huts. 20 year olds don’t die off at that rate in so short a period of time. Something happened. It’s incompetence if not murder.

  5. It’s also a statistical improbability that you will NEVER get 4 deaths out of a group of 400 people. Yep – Castro is now going around murdering medical students…. Please. Look, you guys are mad, completely nuts. Seriously, get some help.

    We need a serious and moderate opposition in Cuba. And opposition that can inspire people, mobilise people, take people with us.

    We have been failed by our leadership for 45 years. Can’t you get that into your thick head? 45 years, and NOTHING to show for it. Ask yourself why? The policy has FAILED. Castro is laughing his head off at you, and you’re too dumb to see it!!! Ask 100 normal people anywhere in the world what they think of the embargo, and 90 will say it’s wrong. Why’s that? Our leadership is made up of idiots and scumbags on the take. They are fighting the war from the 1960’s, not the war as it is today. It’s FAILED, and even a 5 year old can see that. Why do you think Castro allowed the dissident rally in Havana last week? Because he wants the face of the opposition to be a bunch of loony extremists that he can point to and say “Told you so”. That’s what Oswaldo Paya said. Were you listening????

    Telling lies and going on about wild conspiracy theories just get us nowhere. Get real. Don’t bullshit people. It doesn’t work. There’s enough bad things Castro HAS done, without having to make up things he hasn’t done. Talk about democracy. Talk about living standards. Talk about business. But for fuck sake, please stop behaving like your in a wacky fundementalist religious cult!

  6. Bob, now, run and give up that cult membership my friend, that’s as letal as the cagastro’s health system! Hitler wasn’t fought with a moderate opposition, was he? So cagastro cannot be fought with a moderate opposition. Look at the opposition inside the island. They are moderate by force because the only thing they can do is to speak out, try to reach out to the people and in return they go to the real Gulag on Cuban soil…
    Please, I lived there. I was in opposition there.
    Read the posting “finish off fidel”. Read the experience of the moderate oppositors in Cuba. Don’t treat cagastro as you would treat a democratically elected leader gone bad. We are in presence of a monster here in case you didn’t notice.

  7. Reading between the lines the most likely explanation for this one individual’s death is that he was HIV positive (“an unspecified illness” in the South African press is recognised code for HIV, just like “confirmed bachelor” in obituaries used to be code for “gay”.)

    Mind you, in order to get temporary residence for lengthy stays in Cuba, most foreigners have to undergo compulsory HIV tests (thanks Fidel.) Maybe someone messed up at the lab?

    The overall death rate does seem MORE than fishy. Even given the antics which 20something medical students normally get up to anywhere (binge drinking, experimenting with prescription drugs, driving too fast in overloaded crappy vehicles, etc etc etc) it’s not a great record. But honestly I think suggesting that these students are being bumped off for witnessing Something Bad Happening is stretching credibility. IN my experience plenty of things that can look like conspiracies are really more down to incompetence.

  8. It’s possible, Viajera, but I find the quickness of the death hard to believe, and the lack of screening hard to believe too. Most AIDS people go down slowly and sadly, it’s not a drop-dead affair.

  9. So, explain how the deaths of four 20 year olds (although very sad), has a political impact on the cuban government?

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