Cuba’s collapse, in numbers (Updated)

John in Germany has a stunning entry about just how bad the economic indicators of Cuba have gone since the Beast seized power in 1959. To hear the che-loving leftists gibber, you would think that Cuba’s tyranny was a matter of tradeoffs, freedom for healthcare. All Babalu readers know otherwise. castro’s dictatorship has been the worst disaster ever to befall any nation in the Western Hemisphere, utterly without any redeeming value. Pure evil.

John’s well researched statistics show just how bad it truly is. Read it here.

Update: Our brother in arms Paxety has an excellent post related to pre-and post-castro Cuba. You can read it here.

7 thoughts on “Cuba’s collapse, in numbers (<i>Updated</i>)”

  1. Interesting post although I would question some figures.

    1100 calories (kcal) per inhabitant can’t be right, this would mean devastating starvation, worse than North Korea, African hunger or Europe in 1946. We’re not there
    While Cuban diet is very poor for people without chavitos (they eat rice and beans mainly), 1100 kcal is not enough to survive. And of course if 1100 kcal were average consumption some people would eat less than that…impossible. Don’t republish this figure.

    The electricity figures must be wrong, too. The decline simply can’t be that steep. Simply impossible. Also tourism is given at 1,2 million visitors. Cuba claims 2,1 visitors in 2004. While Cuba’s numbers might be inflated, they can be verified by non Cuban sources.

    So be careful when spreading the numbers without verifying because the Castro propaganda could debunk some of them (and by that invalidating the whole thing)

  2. Actually 1100 calories a day as an AVERAGE in the population is NOT that imposible. It is indeed low but it is a typical High Fashion model #. If you take 1100 a day and do NOTHING else but sit down on the couch and BREATH you will weight a average of 110 lb now consider children whose intake needs are lower and the number is not at all unreasonable.

  3. Hmmm don’t think so. Most Cubans are able to fill up with rice and beans and I wager that a majority does have an intake of 2000 kcal at least (which isn’t really much btw). In that case a lot of Cubans would have less than 1100 kcal and that’s simply impossible. Also Cubans can’t spend all days on the couch either.
    It’s not good to throw this number around. The situation is bad enough but 1100 kcal simply is not realistic.
    The worst figures I know of are those of Germany 1946, where people needed to survive on 900 kcal a day. (2400 kcal a day is what you’d need per day). The Nazis had declared 800kcal as sufficient for Russian POWs and inmates of concentration camps… and you remember how the survivors looked like when they were liberated.
    1100 kcal would still mean dire and widespread starvation. For a month or two you can survive on that but not for years.
    There may well be quite a few Cubans who often don’t eat more than that for days (usually the last week of the month), but over a prolonged period you’d have millions dying.

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