Living in New York? (Updated)

Then what say about this:

“I think I could be
wrong, but I have seen no other leader that is so charismatic, that can
mobilize over 1 million people.”

“Fidel is still very respected and followed by the majority of the people
down there. I think that we should show him the respect. He’s a world leader, whether we like it or not.”

Jose Rivera, Democrat of the Bronx on fidel castro.

Update: Seems Jose “Hipocrita” Rivera was the Uber Puerto Rican who founded
“Latinos for a Free Souith Africa”
a few years back:

“Rivera always follows a quote Dr. King used “No one is free, until everyone is free.” Those words inspired Assemblyman Rivera to found the LATINOS FOR A FREE SOUTH AFRICA movement back in 1986. Latinos from all over the State of New York joined together through demonstrations, forums and street activism in order to fight for the freedom of the people in South Africa.”

Jose, y los negros cubanos que? Que se jodan?

What an egregious double standard.

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  1. Someone ought to tell Mr. Rivera that it’s rather easy to “mobilize” one million people, or more, when one controls all the jobs, all the housing, all the food distribution outlets, all the transportation methods, all the “news” media, all the block-by-block spy centers (also known as Committees for the Defense of the Revolution –CDRs) and *everything else* in the country, so those who choose not to “mobilize” risk very painful, very immediate retributions.
    Even if you do absolutely nothing against the totalitarian regime, they *still* can send you to jail based on the law of “peligrosidad.”
    How do utter fools like Mr. Rivera get elected to office?

  2. “Cara de Caballo”, as we ‘lovingly’ refer to this idiot up here, is nothing more than one of cagastro’s paid agents.

  3. How do people like this get elected? Scary isn’t it? Not to mention the travel ads accompanying the article. Disgusting.

  4. Is Mr. Jose Rivera a Cuban? If he is…he may not be a product of the Cuban Exiles that left everything behind after the Revolution in Cuba. This would explain his ‘Rojito’ views on Fidel Castro!

  5. He is not from NY. He is from the Bronx, that’s a huge difference. He caters to a bunch of loosers on welfare, with a tag that reads ethnic on the forefront. He is not (thanks God Almighty) Cuban. We don’t need a guy like that. Anyone from NYC here can assure you that the guy is a functional illiterate that get’s elected because he is from el Barrio. And there is where you have all the Latins wearing their che t-shirts, courtesy of the Cuban Embassy at the UN.

  6. I have a question for business majors reading this. Google is headquartered in the United States. As an American corporation, is it illegal for them to accept advertising for vacation packages in Cuba?

  7. Val, that idiot doesn’t speak English or Spanish well, I don’t know how to pose the question for him… Maybe in some sort of rap-raeggeton rhyme…

  8. That guy has the IQ of a frozen Swanson dinner. His district says it all. One of the downsides of a democratic society. He caters to a group of uneducated immigrants and within his little “kingdom” he is nothing more than a populist with his head up his ass and delirium of grandeur and what better way than to promise the people on welfare HE will put two cars in every garage.

    We have a writer named Albor Ruiz at the Daily News who is another of those “We should show Castro. The respect” assholes. Every time he even mentions Cuba. I slam the editor with a letter of protest.
    The thing here is NOT to let these things slip by as white noise.. it is a WAR we are waging against people like this . Granted it is ideological but perhaps in the world of 2005 that is more important than the tangible wars of the past.
    DO NOT let them get away with anything , call them , call AI , call the fucking FBI and CIA write to congress , hell GET your congressman on the phone. Just because we can not take arms and go blow the SUMO HIJO DE PUTA up , doesn?t mean we need to stand passively and accept such insults to a whole nationality of immigrants from the likes of a Jose Rivera.
    Yes. he does have a right to his opinions but he has a DUTY to his country and when his opinions border on treason he just got himself into a a very messy situation.

  9. KillCastro, those opinions do not border on treason, they constitute treason, cagastro is a sworn enemy of this country and he counts on a fifth column of agents and ideological saboteurs inside this country. Those elements have been working like sleeper cells, which get activated every so often depending on the needs of the master terrorist. All his collaborators inside the border of this country should be indicted for treachery to their country at war. And the ones that are outside the US should be hunted down. Like we did with the Nazi spies, there’s no difference.

  10. The US should try and punish these 5th column types that cagastro has here when they are using Kuban revolutionay laws. Paredon and the likes. In fact it should also use islamic law for any terrorists which claim Jihad made them do it. American laws for American citizens.

  11. Another apologist and enabler for genocide, who hopefully will someday (hey, it’s my fantasy!) be “invited” to explain himself in front of a hostile Cuban audience in a free Havana, who will politely let him speak, only to kick the feces outta him on live TV, afterwards!

  12. All that’s needed is for the government to start enforcing the law to protect the integrity of this country.

  13. jose rivera al igual que ferrer son dos nyricans sin cerebro que no saben ni donde estan futuro politico depende de los pobres puertorique?os de los condados de new york el cual su mayoria no cuenta con nivel de escolaridad para entender la situacion de cuba.
    Asi que joseito boniatico con tu hermanito el ?ame con corbatica ferrer dediquen sus esfuerzos en ense?arles a leer sus compatriotas y dejen el problema de cuba A LOS CUBANOS… he dicho

  14. ahhhhh que comemierda soy primero tienen que ir a la escuela ellos dos asi despues si aprenden a leer podran educar a sus hermanos..que lo dudo que aprendan ..mas sabe el burro de bainoa que este par de seborucos

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