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  1. If you google Cuba, at news.google.com, you will find some articles about the fear Alarcon has about the Americans invading Cuba once cagastro is dead. Pathetic, to say the least!

  2. On June 14 someone using the name Angry Black Man made a post to the thread with the American flag and Pledge of Allegiance.

    Here is a quote from former Black Panther Party member Anthony Bryant (deceased, Dec 1999) from his book titled Hijack (Freedom Press International, 1984);

    “For the first time in my life I had a friend who was white and for the first time also I realized that any man can be whatever he wills himself to be. The only limits are those we place on ourselves.” He made that statement here in the U.S. after spending 12 years in prison in Cuba.

    The book is out of print but available on ebay from prices ranging from less than $2.00 USD (not including shipping) to $5.00 USD.

  3. PS: FYI, I am not selling the book on ebay. In fact I purchased a copy on ebay since June 14 hence the quote.

  4. el cabezon ese de Alarcon lo que es, es un descarado, sabe que sin fidel no es nada mas que un mierda, por eso tiene miedo. se esta cagando

  5. Alarcon: kagaSStro’s walking-n-talking methane-gas powered “zafacon,” regurgitating all the mierda that comes out of “le walking coma’s” decayed gray matter, good bag-boy that he is.

    Cuba’s very own Mahatma-Propaghandi (I take absolutely no credit for that bit of cleverness – it is the nickname Germans gave – out of earshot of the Gestapo, of course – to their propaganda minister, Goebbels, in the 1930’s) – a true Legend In-His-Own-Mind.

    Y con los pantalones cagaos…

  6. Co?o, what a pinguero Alarcon is. I hope he wiped castro’s jizz off his face before the interview.

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