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  1. Why aren’t they pressing to visit the rest of the Island, where there’s rampart torture? Wait, I can hear the rumble coming about the beaches, the literacy and the free healthcare….

  2. Why THAT does NOT surprise me AT ALL … It probably comes with real life pictures as illustrations..
    But OH no “We can not STOOP to their level…!” God damn idiots.
    And we NEED TO RESPECT THE KORAN ??? FUCK THE KORAN ! Shove a Koran up every one of their asses and Yes CLOSE GITMO.. Set fire to the place and let them motherfuckers go get in line fore their 32 virgins, with Koran up their rectum.

  3. The reality is clear… the “‘there’s torture at Gitmo!’ crowd” didn’t care about Iraqi’s then and they certainly don’t care about them now. And they care less about torture. The only thing they want is to see “Gitmo” closed so as to make a stab to the US and a victory for fidel. It’s all bullshit. Everyone of them is thinking: if it worked in Abu Graib, hell it’ll work at Guantamo.

    I say let the UN come. Let them inspect. Let them go home with their snooty attitude and color blind data. And let’s keep Guantamo Bay OPEN ANYWAYS.

  4. This is Gitmo:
    “Spc. Sean D. Baker, 38, was assaulted in January 2003 after he volunteered to wear an orange jumpsuit and portray an uncooperative detainee. Baker said the MPs, who were told that he was an unruly detainee who had assaulted an American sergeant, inflicted a beating that resulted in a traumatic brain injury.

    Baker, a Gulf War veteran who reenlisted after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, was medically retired in April 2004. He said the assault left him with seizures, blackouts, headaches, insomnia and psychological problems.

    The Pentagon initially said that Baker’s hospitalization following the training incident was not related to the beating. Later, officials conceded that he was treated for injuries suffered when a five-man MP “internal reaction force” choked him, slammed his head several times against a concrete floor and sprayed him with pepper gas.”

  5. How tragic. Fidel has made you guys lose your souls. Its terrible what is happening under his regime. But its also just as terrible for a country the prides itself as being the better option doing the exact same thing as communist cuba. You guys don’t understand that gitmo represents everything thats been told to the muslim community about chrisitians. Its bigger than just a prison, because it reinforces the lies that america is a evil country and that we’re coming to take your oil and change your religous beliefs, IE: The crusades. America shouldn’t be there in first place. Let fidel have his bay back and close the base. Change within cuba must be made by the people of cuba not the U.N., U.S., Europe, or ex-patriates who have the luxury of being free.

  6. Following what zippy said, Iraki people never asked to be freed by the States. So, why don’t the democracy palladins invade Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and all their allies in order to bring democracy to them? Or better, why not invading China?. Irak’s situation, Guantanamo Concentration Camp and Fidel’s regimen are things that cannot be justified.

  7. Psssttt . Zippy … my man
    First a lesson in the power of words:
    “reinforces the lies that america is a evil country “
    So that means that there was an unfounded misconception that America was evil, right off the bat, no?.
    You are dealing with “people” who assert conclusions without any real basis.

    So, how do you dissipate this misconception in the Muslim world? (ask I)
    Well first you gotta go and re-write the Koran. Cause IT says (and I quote)
    “All infidels must die”
    And when you ask “Is America the INFIDEL?,
    you come to the tragic realization that ALL INFIDELS (all who must be beheaded) refers to anyone who is NOT a Muslim.
    So right there we have a MOTHERFUCKER of a problem, Don?t we Zippy boy?

    Next comes; Well how you deflate this murderous doctrine in which their whole religion is founded.
    I’d say people like you would go:
    ?Well lets show them how GOOD we are!.
    ? How do we do THAT ? Give us a clue. (ask I)
    “Well we don’t interfere in their business..”
    ?Ah .. Okay but what happens when they come to the USA and follow their Koran and kill 3000 people ? (ask I)
    ?Well , you just ignore that and send them dry food?
    ?Ah , and what happens when one of their governments decides the country next door looks mighty yummy and ripe for the plucking?? (Ask I)
    ?Well you just go to the UN.?
    ?Ah, and what happens when the fucker pisses on the UN and mustard gases 250,000 of his next door neigbors?? (Ask I)
    ?Well, you put sanctions?
    ?Ah, and what happens when he shits on the sanctions and invades the next country?? (ask I)
    ?Well you go personally and negotiate in good faith and tell him he’s being a naughty boy and to stop it and that you will hold your breath and turn blue until he swears he will stop!?
    Now, ever heard of this guy named Hitler? His promises to that other twit Chamberlain of Britain? Hey, and the two fuckers were even ARYAN, gumbas as it were !
    It is called history and HISTORY – you dumb ass – has taught us that only FORCE, STRONG OVERWHELMING FORCE brings peace to the world.
    It has been like that since history itself began.
    Just because it is 2005 and there was a pacifist influx in our consciousness (mainly fueled by peyote LSD and pot and sex) in the 60s , an influx that still permeates all halls of academia, does not mean that THE REST OF THE FUCKING WORLD is on that page you idiot.
    It is the Spaniards against the Mores ALL OVER AGAIN , and you know how the Spaniards did NOT become a Moorish country .. ?
    They KILLED EVERY FUCKING MOORE THEY COULD ! (It is in the books, some with pictures even ! look it up!)

    But back then, there were no Zippys, shouting “OUTRAGE” we lost our souls , we must be MAD , killing THOSE who are killing us ? HOW CAN YOU?
    Now if WE ALL DECIDE to bend over get fucked up the ass wear a turban and turn to ALLAH as our savior.. Then hey … Let them have it, But *I* wanna VOTE on that bit of business.
    Now, BE fucking thankful that the Spaniards took the 100s of years time to kick the muslims outta Spain.
    Be thankful that the allies LOST THEIR SOUL and bombed Hitler into oblivion.
    BE THANKFUL you moron , that millions of men and women throught history have LOST THEIR SOULS so you can sit in front of you PC and write FREELY whatever pacifist dribble comes to your rather miniscule mind.

  8. I think that stopped with the Nixon-Kennedy election, Kathleen 😉
    Cost granpa Kennedy a TON of dough, but damn it IT WORKED !
    shoo-bee-doo-bee-do as Sinatra would’ve said to Jack.

  9. Dear Kill Castro– Your argument lost me after chapter 12. So whats your point? We should invade every muslim country and exterminate them like pests because 1 crazy fuck convinced 18 guys to fly some jumbo jets into buildings?

    What does the moors have anything to do with 2005? Thats the same jibberish Bin Laden was talking about. Historical shit from CENTURIES ago.

    If i’m correct the U.S. gave suddam the know how for mustard gas. I guess its fair to say, you can’t use something if you never had it in the first place. But its good because you’ll continue to deny that over all fact that after 3 years of this nonsense NO weapons of any form have been detected. What did we get in return:
    1,700 of our troops dead
    14,000 wounded or maned
    well over 50-100,000 iraqis killed
    a country with suicide bombings every day
    a country with high unemployment and poor medical system rivaling sudan.
    Millions irritated by our prescence willing to settle the score in either iraq or the U.S.

    All so we can pretend that we are safe. Tell me if our country is averaging 3 MILLION illegals into this country every year, then how is Bush keeping you safe??? You guys act like those groups can’t get smuggled in.

    What about North Korea, why do they get diplomacy?
    What about China??
    What about Iran??

    The problem is that your a warhawk and you display the same traits as other warhawks. You are a coward who has never fired a gun or seen other men, women, and children die. You will hide behind your bravado and watch everyone die just so you can enjoy your existence with comfort. Sometimes you have to accept the fact that this world is dangerous and its best to be diplomatic. But hey what do i know i’m just a liberal right?? a lefty?? Someone who doesn’t believe that you have to walk thru hell to get to heaven.

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