The November 30th Seven

The indefatigable Jay Nordlinger of National Review has a superb piece in his Impromptus column today about the Cubans imprisoned in the Bahamas. Here is a highlight:

Seven members of a Cuban opposition party ? the November 30th party ? have been detained in the Bahamas since last September. You can read their biographies here, at the Information Bridge ? an excellent source of information about dissidence and other matters in Cuba.

The detainees have undergone a terrible ordeal in the Bahamas, which you can read some about here: in a letter called “Our Truth,” smuggled out of prison last January.

The role of the Bahamas in the Cuban drama is very little known. These islands are located in a tricky position, just northeast of Cuba, just southeast of Florida. Often, Cubans, when they flee, drift into Bahamian waters, and they’re picked up by that nation’s coast guard. From there, life gets rough ? or rather continues to be rough, because life on Cuba is no picnic, and neither is a desperate flight in the sea. The Carmichael Road Detention Centre, in the Bahamas, is notorious. At least it is notorious among Cubans, Haitians, Jamaicans, and others who might land on those islands. To the rest of the world, it is unknown.

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5 thoughts on “The November 30th Seven”

  1. There will be a time of reckoning for all these countries, institutions, and individuals whose main rol has been that of collaborators, jailers by proxy, instruments, parrots, and guard dogs for cagastro.
    Certainly, there are a few countries who want cagastro to last as much as he can, because they are not going to have any preferential treatment in business with a New (and prosperous) Cuba.
    Many of our neighbours have engaged in veritable acts of war against the Cuban population, and I hope that this score is settled at one point in history. Of course, those countries tourism industries are going to suffer a lot once Cuba is freed, and so will suffer their manufacturing and industrial sector. My proposal is, open relationships (both diplomatic and economic) and open immigration to Cuba from places whose governments and population have been friendly to Cubans in the island, Cuban seeking refuge and friendly to the exiles. Close borders and just functional diplomacy with the others.
    As the Old Testament goes, eye by eye, tooth by tooth, burnt by burnt.

  2. Have you guys asked yourself why the Bahamas is so chummy with fidel?

    Imagine a free Cuba, with open travel to and from the island. Cruise ships doocking in La Habana, or any one of many ports in Cuba. American tourists in droves every winter and summer.

    What do you think would happen to the Bahamian tourism industry?

  3. I have always said the same of Mexico and their support for el tirano. “Follow the money” is still wise counsel for those of us wondering why this bastard is still in power.

  4. George :
    The day Cuba is free it will be an aconomic disaster for the likes of Mexico any island in the caribbean and a few central and latin American countries.
    It will also have a HUGE impact on tourism to Miami & Las Vegas.. so “follow the money…” is a damn good way of putting it.
    Who the HELL knew of Cancun B4 KaSStro ?

  5. Hell Yeah Killcastro!!!
    With better harbors for cruise ships and yatchs,
    lush mountains,
    beautiful rivers and lakes,
    rolling savanah,
    unique architectures,
    historical sites and fortresses,
    high quality arts and crafts,
    wonderful sensual music,
    great duck, dove, and torcaza hunting,
    underground rivers and springs for fresh water cave diving,
    fantastic rock climbing,
    horseback riding and hiking in pristine rain forests without fear of poisonous snakes or other harmful animals,
    diverse biosphere habitats,
    fantastic blue marlin and other big game species sportsfishing without having to go far offshore, great bass and freshwater fishing,
    the biggest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere for scuba and snorkeling,
    unique wildlife,
    world class beaches,
    incredible nightlife,
    and a very well educated and modern cosmopolitan people with business savy and future ties worldwide due to our experiences in exile and those that are still in Cuba have had with the ex soviet world.
    And when that day happens, because of our being dispersed worldwide, we will have the best and most diverse culinary in the world.

    Yep, I would say the bastards are worried sick.

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