From this article in the NYT about clothing for the elite at the Hamptons, we get this:

For men, a custom-painted blazer is $650. On the sample blazer, Fidel Castro smokes a cigar under the word Cuba in 70’s disco lettering. It is another example of the artist – in this case not a rapper but a Brooklyn painter – refashioning and reclaiming a starchy white man’s classic.

It snores the testicles.

9 thoughts on “F***ING INCREDIBLE”

  1. Terrorist – fidel castro

    The man honored by this blazer is perhaps the world’s oldest terrorist – having planned the murder of his political rival during his days at Havana University.

  2. Es como para defecarse en el ‘utero de la progenitora de sus d’ias!
    Boys and girls, can you say “tontos ‘utiles”?

  3. And by the way, Valbal’u,
    Why do you waste your time reading The Gray Lady?
    I used to do so, myself, but then I found a cure.
    Nowadays, I read way more blogs than newspapers.

  4. Well, the wearers of the subject garment do make themselves a more conspicuous target…hey, not advocating violence, extreme measures, making threats, etc. Just pointing out, for safety reasons, the potential consequences of poor sartorial judgment. For example, think of the possibilities if wearing a shirt with the dour countenance of a certain “chaplinesque” character, emblazoned with the word “Deutschland!”
    in gothic-fraktur font, while walking in a neighborhood known to be frequented by members of the JDL…

  5. I plan to call them later today and have a talk with the manager. I’ll be very nice, but firm. I’ll explain why what she or he is doing is immoral to the core.

  6. Repugnante!

    Vaya pal carajo si la “elite” de los Hamptons se pone esa mierda encima!. Give the f#%$^#%^ $650 to someone who really needs them.

  7. Cuban Specialties.com sells comandante inprinted toilet paper rolls, I bought one and I already used it up putting it to good use, I also sent rolls to my son and his buddies with the 3/2 Marines in Iraq where I’m sure used portions are floating all over the desert….from that I wonder what kind of intel is been sent back to Havana?…

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