Terror attacks in London

The Command Post has the coverage.

Update: CNN and ABC News are reporting an Al Quieda link.

Michele Malkin has more.

As does Instapundit.

Command Post has a London blog coverage roundup.

My thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families and the British people. And I hope and expect our British allies to have much more backbone than their Spanish counterparts.

If in fact al Quieda is responsible, this will prove one thing: it isnt about flushing Korans down toilets and mishandling the Muslim holy book and all that hoopla the MSM has been targeting on. This is about completely anihilating progress and destroying the way of life of civilized nations.

Update:Prime Minsiter Tony Blair’s statement from the G8 summit:

808am EST. We condemn utterly these vile attacks…all of our countries have suffered from the violent impact of terrorism…We are united in our resolve…to defeat this terrorism…an attack on civilized people everywhere…Here are at this summit leaders are striving to combat poverty and improve human life…The perpetrators of this attack are intent on destroying human life.

We shall prevail and they shall not.

I think Mr. Blair, standing at the podium, with so many leaders of the free world, including President Bush, makes a strong statement indeed.

I also want to call out all those “Gitmo Gulag!!!!” whiners and let them know that the more they coddle terrorists, the more innocent lives will be lost.

Update: Sydney Morning Herald is reporting 12 dead, 185 injured.

23 thoughts on “Terror attacks in London”

  1. Cono Val..you are quick!! just woke up and saw this horrible attacks in London on TV, you already had a posting done here.
    Hope the English don’t play hide and seek with the terrorist, otherwise England will end up just like Spain.
    Watch out France! keep being “nice-nice” to your Arab friends, and France will soon be wearing turbans on their heads!!

  2. Brits and their American cousins share a personality trait; we will only put up with so much, then we will fight. Of course there are those who side with the terrorists, like liberals, democrats, et al, but for the most part, we are sick and tired of these filthy, subhuman scumbags with their dark-ages death cult. They can’t live as civilized people and must be dealt with swiftly and brutally. It’s time for some payback.

  3. I pray for the victims. To all you relativists out there, have you seen enough to wake up yet?

  4. Terrorism affects and enrages us all. People of all races, religions and political beliefs died in the World Trade Center, in Madrid and yesterday in London. People of all races, religions and political beliefs fight everyday against terrorism.

    The voters in Spain gave the terrorists a victory. It was a lose-lose situation: they don’t have the government that spurred Spain’s economy and the terrorists are emboldened.

    If we start turning against each other, if we change our way of life, if we become fundamentalists, that’s exactly what the terrorists want. Don’t give them that victory.

  5. I dont see anyone here turning against anyone else, gansibele.

    If you want to see people turning against each other, I suggest to visit those peace loving appeasement dens that are Democratic Undergraound or Daily Kos.

    If I were a liberal democrat today, I would be hnaging my head in utter shame.

  6. Islam is in serious need of a reformation. If there are peace loving Muslims out there, now is your chance to speak up. But don’t hold your breath. I fear that most of them won’t admit it to a non-believer but, they perceive the death of “infidels” as a good thing, and if a few of their own perish in the process, then Allah has a special place of honor reserved for them.

  7. I do. On both sides. I just posted on a “liberal” blog against people saying that Blair will spin this to get more support for the Iraq war. Told them it’s shameful to use a tragedy to make a political point. My opinion anyways.

  8. Gans,

    I agree. There are people on both ends of the political spectrum using this to make political points. Time to do some serious thinking and focus a little less on “liberal” vs. “conservative.”

  9. G&M, This is political, you can’t hide from that fact. Look at what happened in Madrid and who do you think we’re fighting in Iraq?

  10. Anyone that believes this act of evil is not politically motivated is an idiot.

    It’s all about the politics folks. And if you refuse to allow yourself to believe that, then you are part of the problem.

  11. Any attempt at trying to devoid a terrorist act from its political weight and significance amounts to no other than complicity. Any attempt at trying to “understand” or “reason” why the very same Moslem brethen that suffers from terror as “collateral casualties” remains silent and even collaborate with their terrorist brothers amounts to no other than complicity and to conforting the enemy. My first words when I came home in Sept. 11 2001 were “the third world war just started”.
    All of those who do not join us against terrorism are in fact enablers of terrorism and collaborators of terrorists. And they should be tried and punished for that treason.
    This is not tragedy. This is an act of war, plain and simple. This is mass murdering of civilians. And I think that we need to respond in kind, because we are not here to defend the co-conspirators of those terrorists, we are here to destroy them and eliminate them for the sake of the future of our own civilization.

  12. That’s the problem with liberal democrats. They are part of the problem. They are appeasers, and therefore enablers and accomplices, because they want to “vacate” the “political factor” out of this equation of violence and terror, and they only want to see the war as waged from our part onto the Islamofacist bunch. Of course, the moral relativism of these people has created, amazingly enough, the concept of unilateral war. Because this is a “tragedy”. This is an act of war. And if a particular person doesn’t have the right pant contents (male and female pant contents) to denunciate it, well they are traitors.

  13. What I was agreeing to Gansibele was that people shouldn’t use exploite this to make a political point. Some people blame Bush attacking Iraq for this bombing. Others use this to throw in the face of Democrats. I wasn’t downplaying East-West, North-South politics. Of course that is important.

  14. It’s amazing to see how people forget the terror attack of Sept 11, 2001 and how this attack called for a swift response. Now, some people blame Bush for this? Well, as per Sept 10, 2001 we didn’t have any troops on the ground in Iraq, as far as I remember. There’s a bunch of traitors always ready to squarely place the blame in America. It’s simply amazing. The only responsibility for this attack falls on the shoulders of the terrorists and their accomplices and fifth columns everywhere.
    I am still wondering where are the voices of condemnation from Michael Moore, Jessy Jackson, Charles Rangel, the Mufti of New York, the Nation of Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood and many others. Have anyone heard a word on this?
    C’mon. This is an attack against the west, the western civilization and all that it represents. Remember that these people come here (America, and elsewhere) and they bring their atavistic uses and habits, they want to keep their backward views in the midst of our nations and they want to impose their obscurantism, all with the help of the left, the MSM, and many others.

  15. Animals, doggone animals, that’s all I can say. And there must be tons of them in on this. I hope they squeal like pigs on each other. And the West does not lose its resolve to punish them. God knows, two years from now, after this horror is forgotten, the whining will start on how many Froot Loops one of them got in his cereal bowl and whether Froot Loops are ‘insensitive’ to Islam. I can’t stand to think about it. Take no prisoners on this bunch.

  16. Of course it is political. It’s a geopolitical war and a cultural war. But don’t use it to score political points whitin our own system. Conservatives say that liberals are “appeasers” and they are responsible for emboldening the terrorists. Liberals say that conservatives are “warmongers” and they are responsible for creating terrorists as payback for invading Iraq, et al. Both sides think they are right. Meanwhile the terrorists sit back and laugh at us. Guess what? I don’t play that game. I say it here and I say it at Huffington’s Post or wherever. Right after September 11, we were not Democrats or Republicans, we were Americans. Then we let politics get back in the way ON BOTH SIDES. Call me naive or whatever the fuck you want, but that’s how I felt. It didn’t matter to me that Bush was president and it shouldn’t have mattered to you if Gore had been president. Isn’t clear enough who the enemy is that you have to start looking at other Americans? If you think your liberal neighbor is hoping a bomb is detonated in your street, you are the idiot. If you think we are going to win this war without a united front, you are kidding yourselves.

  17. Oh, yeah.
    Thanks God we had W in the White House to respond in kind to the terror munchkins. With Al Squarepants Gore the reaction would have been about opening Arabic schools in ground zero. As per unity, go ask Georgo Soros and MoveOn.org

  18. Gansibele,

    Well, man, if the truth hurts, then, what can I say?

    My heart goes out to the Brits, and I offer my solidarity and support and condolences. But the underlying thing is that these attacks occur because of years of appeasement. Years of ignoring the obvious and viewing the Muslim culture through western, civilized eyes.

    Fact of the matter is that they DO want to destroy our way of life, and if that isnt painfully apparent given yesterday’s attacks, the attacks in madrid, 9/11 and all their predecessors, then it is only because you are willing to ignore the obvious.

  19. G, you said: If you think your liberal neighbor is hoping a bomb is detonated in your street, you are the idiot.

    No, I do not think my liberal neighbor is going to hope a bomb is dropped on my street. What my liberal neighbor has already done is blame the United States for 9/11 instead of the murderous Islamic fascists who have declared holy war on us.

  20. Last time I checked the Republicans won, and are fighting their battle against terrorism. Why, while bodies are still dying today in British hospitals, people want to push their partisan agendas (more so than people are discussing how London and its people are doing)is beyond me. Wasn’t the election LAST year?

  21. Yes, Mendel, the election was last year. And we won. And again, as you say, we are fighting our war against terrorism, and winning it too. In spite of all the effort of the appeasers, enablers and accomplices. If one is not fighting or supporting the fight against terrorism, one then is conforting the opposite camp. The same that happened during the previous world war, the ones that didn’t fight the nazis or didn’t work to defeat them, were their accomplices. There’s no neutrality here. The sole fact that somebody might refer to this killers as “insurgents” is disgusting enough, not to mention the efforts of the press to equate them to the Founding Fathers or to freedom fighters elsewhere. These are bloodthirsty criminal cultists who want to subjugate the free world into an obscurantist devilish cult of slavery and rape. Does it take a lot to figure this out? Can’t people see what are all those countries that they rule about? Murder, rape, dismemberment, selling of human beings into marriage or slavery, and even worse, the destruction of the human soul into a shaking being devoided of any power and will.
    That’s all in their “holy” book. How holy of them to blow up people to smithereens, just for refusing to bend and bow to their evil ways!
    As said, this is a matter of survival of our civilization, that’s been threatened and attacked by a murderous bunch of savages.

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