Where are the peaceful Muslims?

Reports are that the Egyptian ambassador kidnapped in Iraq last week has been murdered by, as the MSM likes to call them, “insurgents.”

These are not insurgents or gunmen, these are murdering, cowardly terrorists killing people in the name of Islam.

So, I ask, where are the peaceful muslims I keep hearing and reading about and why are they not coming out in condemnation of these attacks immediately?

They sure did scream at the tops of their lungs about Korans being mishandled in Gitmo. Where are they now?

The world is waiting.

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  1. We are in the 26th year of an ongoing conflict with the IslamoFascists. Nobody seems to have noticed this war since its battles and skirmishes are few and far between: The Iranian Hostage Crisis of 1979; The Beirut Marine barracks bombing in 1983; Pan Am Lockerbie in 1988; The World Trade Center in 1993; Oklahoma City in 1995 (see Jayna Davis, The Third Terrorist); TWA Flight 800 in 1996 (see Jack Cashill, First Strike); The Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia in 1996; the US Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998; the USS Cole in 2000; and of course, the Attacks on the World Trade Center Towers and The Pentagon on September 11, 2001; The attacks in Madrid on March 11, 2004; and today’s attacks in London.

    Some of us have wondered what it would take to rally America and its allies to put an end to this scourge once and for all. The threat that IslamoFascism poses for the civilized world is great, possibly a greater threat than Nazism was. We were willing to confront and destroy that enemy without mercy and without concern for “feelings” or “sensitivity” or other such rot. It seems as though the West has lost its desire for survival and replaced it with a sick desire for comfort and appeasement.

    We’ll see what the reaction is when they want to make us dhimmis — or worse.

  2. Ditto George, I’ve read “The Third Terrorist” and it certainly convinced me. I also recommend watching Steven Emerson’s “Jihad in America” Better wake up people before your kneeling on a rug praying to Allah.

  3. Val, there are many muslims that suffer terrorism every day. Just like our brothers in Cuba they live in fear in their own countries and in their own neighborhoods. Most don’t sympathize with Hammas or any of the other terrorist organizations, they just want to live in peace without a bomb going off next to them all the time.

    The apologists that justify these acts for whatever reason, shame on them.

  4. We need to understand that these acts reflect the very essence of Islam. It’s not isolated acts by Islamofascists; this is what these people are about.

  5. Gansibele, then the advice I give them is the same I would give to our brothers in Cuba: join the struggle and take up whatever arms are at your disposal, kill your oppressors, tear off the chains of slavery, and begin to rebuild a decent society.

    Kathleen, I have Steve Emerson’s video and I have also read his book American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us. Talk about eye-openers!

    Ed, have you read The Sword of the Prophet?

  6. Ed, I can see where you’re coming from, but Edgware Road has a big Muslim population. So I expect that, as on 9/11, there are Muslims among the dead and the injured, too, and they and their families don’t deserve our sympathy any less than anyone else. There has been what amounts to a civil war going in within Islam since the 1920’s.

  7. Another quote from Winston Churchill that resonates today:

    If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may be even a worse fate. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.

  8. Gansibele,

    Val, there are many muslims that suffer terrorism every day. Just like our brothers in Cuba they live in fear in their own countries and in their own neighborhoods. Most don’t sympathize with Hammas or any of the other terrorist organizations, they just want to live in peace without a bomb going off next to them all the time.

    Then it is these “suffering” muslims that MUST be the FIRST to condemn the actions of their fellow muslims. So far, nary a whisper from any of them.

    If they want to live in peace without bombs going off then it is THEY who MUST see to ity that THEIR religion is not used as a means of GENOCIDE.

    Sorry, brother, that’s one spoonful I refuse to swallow.

  9. To sum up what Val just said in the words of another British statesman, Edmund Burke: “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

  10. I have personally have had to deal with these people while on duty, it is the scariest feeling in the world to stand next to these people while not knowing who or what their intentions are,friend or foe?

    I hate to say it,but the US needs to close the borders to Middle Easterns and send many packing back home!

    And first and foremost,stop making these peoples life so easy in the US,these sand fleas come here and America offers them benefits that no other group of exiles can get near to,loans to open businesses (normally from $50-$70K)with little to no interest,tax exemptions for many years etc. Why????

    I am sorry if this seems harsh to any of you,but I have seen the destruction these people cause way to fucking up close and personal for my taste,seen elderly women become living bombs themselves,terrorist aren’t only men or the young but women to.

    I have, and will always continue to say and believe in with what I wrote in my reports while serving my country.

    “You cannot defeat an invisible enemy”

  11. Val, Gansibele:

    Because of my work I interact with many Muslims. Normal working and very serious young people. But is is true that I don’t see Today the outrage and the shame that I would like to see. I don’t know the cause but that is a fact.

  12. Val, I agree. They have to do it. I’d love to see an uproar of anger in the Arab street about this – just like I would like to see demonstrations against Castro in Cuba. It’s fear that paralyzes them. They are at war whithin the fundamentalist and the progressive branches of Islam. We must support them.

    The ones living in the US, there’s no excuse for them. You are right in calling them out.

  13. Roberto, I have said for years and years, after much study of Islam and other religions, that it is the religion itself that is the problem.

    Here are just two little issues. (1) Islam does not codify compassion for all, only for other muslims, i.e., believers. The rest of us, in accordance to shari’a are worse than second class citizens: options for the infidel is dhimmitude (tax-paying bondage) or the sword. We (the non-believers) are not part of the Ummah or Islamic world. We are outside of it, unable to enter it, unless we convert. If we don’t convert, then it’s either perpetual bondage or death. (2) Islam codifies conquest, slavery, execution, maiming, etc., in the name of expanding the Ummah. Then they compound it all by adding the spice of jihad (struggle) which makes it permissible to do all of the above in the name of the religion.

    A real witch’s brew, yes? That is why the only change can come from within the religion itself. And since they (the Wahhabis and other fundamentalists) consider any deviation to be apostasy, then it’s off with the heads of other muslims who don’t tow the line! It is an error-correcting, self-replicating virus!

  14. George,

    I have not read “The Sword of the Prophet” but I’ve done enough research on the religion to speak with authority on the subject. All we need to see is the real-life examples of bile and wickedness that comes from the “religion of peace”.
    Remember all the hand-wringing over the alleged “desecrations” of the Koran at Gitmo, and how innocent blood was shed in places like Pakistan over this? The fact that these savages even kill their own over the “desecration” of an inanimate object should say enough. Meanwhile, these pigs sell videos of their various beheadings at local bazaars, and praise Allah over the death of “infidels”.
    Look, even one of our earliest presidents, John Quincy Adams, understood their wickedness. Google a search on John Quincy Adams and Islam. I believe it’s a frontpagmag.com article. Even he had an insight on what this evil was about. And please don’t bring up the Crusades; there is nothing in the New Testament that advocates violence against unbelievers. Contrast that with the “Qu’ran” and you’ll understand my previous post–this is the essence of Islam.

  15. George,

    Your posts are thoughtful and intelligent. The Crusades comment in my previous post wasn’t directed at you but at anyone who bring that issue up.


  16. Ed, I am on your side. The book I referred to says precisely what you say. In addition, all my readings have led me to conclude as you do that there is no hope for that faith. Read my previous entry and then comment if you’d like.

  17. Ed, as you know, the Crusades were a response to the Islamic conquest of Europe and the Holy Land. I love the way the PC crowds weave and turn and flail when confronted with the actual history of the muslim conquest of Europe in its first five centuries of existence. I just wish we had had a warrior like Salah ad-Din (Saladin) on our side at the Third Crusade.

  18. George I am feeling just fine,thanks for asking! lol

    While I may disagree with you on some Cuban issues,I am not dumb nor blind,I see the evil in everything and everyone very clearly.

    Now,as far as Middle Eastern’s in the U.S. are concerned,I am deeply sorry,but the U.S. MUST kick them all the fuck out of here!

    Yes,I know there are many outstanding Arab-Americans in the U.S.,but,they tend to breed, and you never know in what direction their offsprings may go?

    As I said before, “You cannot defeat an invisble enemy”

    There are terrorist whom walk amongst us as friends and neigbors, as co-workers and tax payers, as students and teachers, but all the while many may have a hidden agenda, but which ones? How do you single them out? YOU CANT!And that is THE scariest feeling anyone can have who has befriended an Arab in the U.S.

    These religious terrorist have been setting fear in the Middle East for centuries, their religious war(s) stems back further with even more written history then American history itself,it is an endless battle that NOBODY will ever be able to control or change, and in it’s sad and twisted essence,it is THEIR way of life,it will NEVER change!

    I applaud the U.S., but let’s not be blinded, the war on Iraq has not gotten any better,in fact latelty it looks to be worse then ever,to think we can set democracy in Iraq is a goal that will never be reached,I don’t care who they elect to control their government,I don’t care if you call it a democracy,the new leaders of Iraq will certainly meet their makers once the U.S. troops come home and they no longer have U.S. protection because I can almost guarantee you that when Iraq has elected their entire government(heads), many within the government itself will be the ones chopping off heads!

    Democracy in Iraq is certainly an ambitious goal, but it will never happen, these sick individuals will sleep silently for whatever length of time it takes to fool everyone into believeing that they have left for good and when you least expect it,BOOM!

    It starts all over again,bigger and more equiped than ever.

  19. “Now,as far as Middle Eastern’s in the U.S. are concerned,I am deeply sorry,but the U.S. MUST kick them all the fuck out of here!”

    All of them? Even non-Arabs? Even non-Muslims? There are probably more Arab and North African Orthodox Chistians in the US than are left in their old homelands; there are certainly more Iranian Jews here than are left in Iran, itself a non-Arab country. Where do you suggest sending such people? You’d be sentencing them to persecution and in many cases death.

  20. The issue has always been the religion of Islam itself, and not the ethnicity, of the individual.

    If Muslims could live in our American society, in the manner our Founding Fathers intended — that is, a pluralistic society where all religions are welcomed and none are sanctioned by the state — then I would have no problem with it; many do today. I can respect their religious beliefs as long as they don’t try to impose them on me.

    But here is the problem: The Koran calls for “good Muslims” to forcibly convert non-believers! It also calls for the execution of anybody that refuses to convert. How do you deal with that? And since the Koran also says that it is OK to dissemble and to lie in order to achieve the goal of jihad (a worldwide caliphate), how can you trust their word when they say or write that their intentions are peaceful?

    Those are the issues that vex our society.

  21. Perhaps not all and if such a motion was to take place I say the U.S. should start by ridding the U.S. “Instantly” of sand fleas who have a criminal record in the U.S.,repeat offenders etc.

    Then place a system/organization in place where individual cases can be throughly reviewed,interviews,deep background checks etc.

    From there determine who would most likely be a risk to U.S. security.

    And for those who are allowed to stay,keep a close eye on them and no longer accept new Arab entires into the U.S. and no more residency for those who managae to enter the U.S. asking for asylum!

    I am not saying keep such measures in place for eternity, but in place long enough until we feel comfortable enough that we can open up the borders to them once again.

    I for one do not wish for my children to be the ones to have to suffer with these rising issues,I am still strong and young enough to fight for them and will do so with no regard if need be.

    Our future is bleak my friends,the U.S. MUST come up with some sort of swift moving resoulution (drastic if needed) to insure that our childrens future will not be one full of wars and terrorism.

    If it takes for Americas future and security to let those people deal with their own issues as they have done for centuries,then so be it!

  22. Isn’t it unfortunate that it takes acts from these inhuman pigs to clarify what is at stake? Like YUCA, I have small children and I worry about their future.
    And while we’re on the topic, what about our mainstream media, which is almost complicit with these swine? I’m not asking for jingoistic, rah-rah stuff, but we are force fed a daily stream of negativity about our troops, our losses, our Commander-in-Chief, and our resolve. Having served in the media for nearly 15 years, I can tell you that most newsrooms (print and electronic) are infected with an incurable liberal virus that colors their reporting. Remember the day when politics ended at the water’s edge? Now we have traitorious louts whose goals seem to be nothing less than undermining our government and leading us into defeat in this war.

  23. If the heat gets way to hot to deal with here in the U.S.,I am selling it and cashing it ALL and moving to Fiji with my family! lol

    But seriously, our childrens future seems to be black and OUR generation would be at fault for it,it shouldn’t have to become their headache, if the U.S. does not do something to satisfy other nations wishes instead of their own, then we have seen nothing yet!

    We are nearing a stage where the U.S. could face themselves against the world (sort of speaking),then what? Who will correct it? Who will die for it? Hopefully it is I who dies and not my children,if a massive war is coming, then bring it on NOW,I’d gladly return to duty to secure my childrens future,so they wont have to.

    And in order to derail any thoughts of attacks on the U.S.,whether we like it or not, we MUST not continue to ignore other countries wishes, look around, there are many foreign leaders laughing at as, disrespecting codes and treaties and basically telling us Fuck You,we’ll do what we want!

    Why all of a sudden have such whacko leaders have found the courage to stand up against the U.S.?

    Why are many hostile countries talking about building nuclear plants with no respect for what the U.S. and others have to say?

    I’ll tell you why, we ARE vulnerable, and don’t think that we are not, because we are, 9/11 has proven that as Pearl Harbor did years before.

    As long as we keep allowing such people in,in good faith, who come from such hostile countries, we are sitting ducks.

    Anyone noticing on how China is dropping tons of cash in the Caribbean and Latin America, countries and possibly soon owning Citgo?

    Let me guess, no need to worry right? I am just being paranoid,right?

    Fuck, I guess my 12 years in the service means shit when I speak to people about the unthinkable things I have seen with my own two eyes and not through a looking glass or TV!

    I gotta go,need to peak out my window I think the British are coming! lol

  24. “Anyone noticing on how China is dropping tons of cash in the Caribbean and Latin America, countries and possibly soon owning Citgo?”

    Islamic terrorism is what it is and is a real threat, but the defining feature of the 21st century will be the emergence of China as a true global power and what the rest of the world (but especially the US, Japan and India) does about it. It doesn’t look very good so far. If I could change only ONE historical event in the hope of making the present a safer place, it would be the outcome of the Chinese Civil War in 1949.

  25. Dave, I have two more that might have halted the red giant: Truman firing MacArthur in 1952 because he wanted to the nuke the Red Chinese Army north of the Yalu, and Nixon’s trip to open China in 1972.

  26. I dont know about you,but it seems to look as if China is already a global power.

    Hate to see our boys and girls get in a fist fight with China’s military,they outnumber our forces 14 to 1!

    Thank God for weapons and technology,but wait,they now have that too!

    Again I am deeply sorry for saying this because I am all for working towards world peace and smoke a joint in the name of it. lol

    But,right now the way things are, the U.S. should just let countries like Iraq and it’s people kill themselves off if they like and not make it our business anymore as our men and women die for what will prove to be,a waste of time,money and lives,you CANNOT change these savages way of thinking(Ive been next to them),it has been going on for centuries,it is THEIR way of life!

    These are people who will gladly die in the name of their religion,it isnt a war for financial gain, not a war for political dominance,while sometimes it may seem that way,these fuckers will die for what the pages in their religion calls for!

    How can you defeat half of the 1.5 billion (if not more) Muslims found in the world who are willing to die for their religious beleifs without nuking them off the face of the earth?

    You cant! Sorry,we MUST let it go,move on and start worrying more about OUR citizens safety and well being,with the funds spent on the war on Iraq which our Great Grand Children will still be paying for, we could of ended the homeless problem in America, we could of dumped those funds into social security and elsewhere where they may be desperately needed.

    Sure it sounds selfish,but it is also time for the U.S. to start taking more care of it’s own then worrying about others problems.

  27. Yes, I hate war too…
    And I also think that we need to retire from Iraq… Wait… is this CB???????
    Yes, let’s get all of our troops out from Iraq. Then, when the terrorists and their accomplices take onto the streets to celebrate (and hopefuly invite all the libshits of this world to join them)we go back and bomb that shithole back to the Stone Age. In case that they aren’t already in the Stone Age. Just to make sure.
    That will send a nice message to everybody else and their dog, including the Hairless Dogs of China. The fourteen to one ratio will be reduced drastically, since fifteen Chinese soldiers with rush for every latrine available in that country. We need to drop a few bombs somewhere, just to make space in the arsenals for new technology.

  28. LOL George. If I were in office I will be paraphrasing Reagan right now: “Islam has been banned. The bombing will STOP in thrity minutes”
    I think that they need to really get though on those motherfuckers that are kept in Gitmo. They need to rely more information or eat the shitty Koran for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And be forced to wipe their stinky butts with it too!

  29. George I am still against travel restrictions to Cuba…lol

    My heart bleeds to be able to openly see my family on the island, but it also bleeds seeing what is going on in the world that may be leading our country into a fight they may not be able to win, only the future will tell what the outcome will be, but we must for the sake of our children and all our futures come up with a resolution to once again gain our world status and respect as a great nation, which we seem to be losing for whatever reasons,on a daily basis.

    If history has proven anything to the world,it is that it does repeat itself, great leaders come and go while evil ones replace them from time to time, destroying the fabric of peace established prior to evils reign.

    I dont know how to put it in a respectable and perhaps compassionate manner. But,FUCK THEM ALL!

    If these terrorist filled nations are having problems,it is their problem,not ours, the U.S. should not continue to carry the burden and financial losses and economic destruction that is caused as they pay with their lives trying to change the way of life of other countries,especially countries such as the Middle East that have been going at it in this fashion since the days of Christ.

    Whether our intensions were good or bad to invade Iraq, we have provoked a sleeping giant into waking up while they have entered our backyard with malicious intent in the name of their religion and beleifs.

    Not to get off subject, it just came to mind.

    I knew a Pakistan-American man who was born in the U.S.and who grew up in America like any normal American skateboarding kid has, had a change of heart when he grew up though.

    This mans family are Muslims, and very good people at that, he was raised under their beleifs in a decent manner, as he grew older something in him clicked,one day while hanging out with him he confessed to me that he feels his parents are traitors to the Muslim religion, that his parents have lied to him all his life, to make a long story short, he left the U.S. many years ago at the age of 22 (about 14 years ago)to return to HIS parents country without ever giving any motive as to why? His family has never heard from him since.

    One can easily come to the conclusion to why he left.

    That is why I say they ALL have to go, as we will never know who is truly with us or against us and it is a risk we cannot afford to take.

    There are to many problems brewing for the U.S. at the same time right now, we do not have the man power to deal with them all at once and we cannot rely on other nations to join in a fight we may have very well started.

    And like it or not, I say lock the borders to everyone,inclduing Cubans because you never truly know who is coming and for what, who’s to say that some have not entered with the help of the Cuban government?

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying to lock the borders for good, but long enough until our country gets back it’s un-matched world strength and respect,that it once had.

  30. Yuca, the giant was not sleeping, we were. Remember the marine barracks in Lebanon? The Iran hostage crisis? They started this, not us and we can’t close our borders and ignore them. They won’t go away. We can either fight them over there or here, and make no mistake it’s a fight to the death.

  31. I have a friend named Albert. When the 9/11 attacks happened he said that muslims (all muslims) hate us and sympathize with Bin Laden and his ilk. At the time I believed the propaganda that it’s only a small segment of muslims. My buddy Alebert couldn’t have been more right. Their not all terrorists, but I’d say a good 90% smile in their hearts when the west is attacked like today. I don’t trust thos F–kers. As far as I’m concerned we should stick the Patriot act up all their asses and tap all their wires.

  32. As Kate puts it, this is a fight to death. No other religion makes death to the non-believers one of it central tenets…. It’s about their fear to our freedoms and about their fears to the enlightment of men (and women, very important) both of which pose a threat to a religion of obscurantism and slavery.
    By the way, where are the Live 8 voices condemning this crime?

  33. Well, nuke the bastards, as it would something, kill them all. Drop bombs from Pakistan to Marocco, and don’t leave any of them alive. And after that, kill all the chinese, all the japanese, russians and any person that does not think like the people in the states. Yeah, very intelligent…

  34. They are really scared of women. And they ain’t no men…. They are just walking piles of camel dung.

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